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QuikStor Express and outgoing email issue

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  • QuikStor Express and outgoing email issue

    Is anyone having an issue lately with outgoing email (invoices,etc). through QuikStor express. After processing, I am to the point where the outbox processes and sends but at the gmail server all messages are blocked. I searched relentlessly online for answer but no luck with everything I try. I do have an app password in place. I also sent a ticket into PTI on this several days ago but have heard nothing back. I really think this relates to a change at gmail regarding less secure apps and their policy change but I am stuck.
    Anyone else run into this? Any email sent directly through my regular email app goes without issue that is why I am thinking it is related to gmail change and maybe QuikStor app thought as suspicious. Right now, I am doing a work around by copying and pasting invoices/receipts generated by QuikStor in to my regular email app and sending that way. It works but is a huge pain.

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    I received an email from Storage Commander many weeks ago warning me of the change with Gmail and how it would affect outgoing emails. They also sent a step by step instruction on how to configure Storage Commander to play nicely with Gmail after getting the app password. Is there any type of configuration manager for QuikStor that requires you to enter the app password at the config level so QuikStor sees it automatically when trying to send Gmails?

    In my case it worked without any issues.

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      At the end of May, Gmail began requiring 2-step authentication for 3rd party applications. You may need to contact QuikStor to help you make the necessary changes so it will work again.


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        I had contacted QuikStor and they remoted in. Said everything was good on their end and it is Gmail issue. I have been posting on Gmail community site with no luck since you can't talk to a person at Gmail. This has been weeks. I have even tried changing to an AOL email but then the error message comes up "Error connecting with SSL."I am at a loss. Was on the phone with AOL but they said it is QuikStor so here I am caught in the middle.


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