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PTI Storlogix Not working, no contact from PTI

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  • PTI Storlogix Not working, no contact from PTI

    Good morning,

    We are currently using PTI's Storlogix program and have been for a little over a year and a half. As of Monday, our program is not working, last activity log was at 2:05 PM and has not changed. I have done everything listed on the troubleshooting page including the part that says I should shut down the remote agent and then go into the Services and find the logix server and then restart it. The issue is the logix server is not listed in services so I can't do anything.

    I created a support ticket on Monday and have not hear anything back, I also called and left a message and still nothing. Now when you try to call it says the mailbox is full. I have been hammering the sales rep including Darrell listed for our region who said he would forward this to the support manager. Still nothing.

    What really got us was yesterday when the alarm system that is tied to the tenants' units started going off. Normally we could silence this, but since SL is down, we cant do anything so we would let it time out after 2 min. But around 4pm yesterday the alarm sounded and would not go off at all! This got to be irritating since the siren is up close to the office and on top of that the siren that rings on the panel. hitting the reset on the panel would silence it for a second only to return 2 seconds later and continue to ring. I sent another email to Darryll that we cannot conduct business like this. The only way to silence this as I live on site and do not wish to hear alarms all night and neither do my neighboring businesses was to unplug it. Before I unplugged it all stored codes would work and now after I plugged it in nothing so I have to have my gate wide open until PTI decides to respond.

    After reading these forums it seems that PTI is a problem when it comes to customer service and that's what really gets us. We used Falcon 2000 for almost 20 years without issue and then they decide to cut support and we have had more issues with storlogix in the short time we have had it. They sold us with all there added features (most of which we did not care for) and when it comes to needing help we are out of luck. We don't have 3 weeks to wait for a reply from PTI as I've seen others experiences. At this point I wanted to see if anyone has any suggestions on what we should do? Once we get this fixed we may look for another program just because of the lack of service from tech support.

    We run a very basic system, and do not like these Cloud software's. Falcon 2000 was basic, bulletproof and never had any issues. We don't need tenant apps and fancy looking computer software, just something that works with Storage Commander V5 and all a tenant has to do is enter their 7 digit code.

    Any help on how we can get Storlogix working would be great.


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    Robert can you help?


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      We have always used another company when we have had issues like this. The same company that installed the software should be able to help you out. Companies that specialize in Camera Security Systems / Surveillance / Fire Detection/ Fire Alarm Systems / Access Control always do our troubleshooting.


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        We were told only PTI can offer support for their Cloud version. Not third party support. Our cloud program was also unstable and the advice from sales was to possibly switch back to the desktop version, which we didn't want to do. So, we are transitioning to PTI Next Gen Cloud. The only way we have been able to get a call from support is through sales and one time when paying our subscription, the person in accounting was nice enough to call their friend in support and ask for a call.


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          Good luck. I was also having issues and emailed them and left a voicemail on June 14, messaged Robert (PTI employee) on the forum here and haven't heard back from support as of this date. Thankfully Robert was able to help me with one issue (updating StorLogix to the latest version after we had to reinstall from an old disk) and SiteLink was able to help me with an interfacing issue. The other issues I was having seem to have somehow resolved themselves, but I still need to hear from PTI so we can get an account setup online on order to submit tickets (though apparently, based on your post here, that's not effective either).

          I don't understand how a company can stay in business with such lack of customer support. I don't believe I've ever seen anything quite like it. Maybe Storable needs to buy them. If we start having technical problems again with StorLogix/Falcon XT, I'm definitely going to plead with the owners to switch over to Storable Access Control (since we use SiteLink).


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            PTI can ignore us because there are few other competitors as entrenched as PTI. They know the cost and hassle of converting to a new provider is prohibitive, so we all take our lumps with their poor support. I've been able to find a local PTI service provider, and although I have to pay them it's worth it to me to have any issues addressed ASAP. I think this is PTI's model, they want to force you to a local provider you pay for and leave their lacking support staff alone.

            All this being said, put me FIRMLY in the group that does not want Storable to buy them.
            In no way affiliated with Storman software.


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              I feel for you all who are going thru this. I watched my local technicians have the same problems contacting PTI while I was paying them by the hour to fix it. While my gate system was down. And this went on repeatedly for several years. It is clear that PTI doesn't care enough to support their customers or the professionals in the field that install and service their product.

              So when Storable Access arrived in January, we jumped on it for all three facilities. Storable's integration with Sitelink was deciding factor. I was also able to sell my PTI equipment and cover over 60% of the cost of the new Storable Access which helped ease the pain.

              That being said, Storable Access has had a few teething problems. But thankfully are always resolved promptly either by phone or by email.

              I have no regrets in making the switch. Doing it in January was great since its a slow time of year. Being able to reach tech support when needed is a huge relief.


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                Pti is well known for there awful support. I couldn't wait to ditch them. We went with opentech Cia and couldn't be happier. Haven't had any problems since install about two years ago. We even did the install ourselves.


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                  So a little update.

                  On Thursday the control panel along with the siren we have outside decided to ring. Since we could not silence this as there is no com to the server, we had to let it time out its 2 minutes. Then it decided to come on later and this time would not time out. After 30 min of that noise, I unplugged it. I then contacted the number that is listed on the Website for Falcon 2000 support (as it's no longer supported) and it led me to Randy at Bluefish. He came out yesterday to take a look at the hardware and what was showing on the computer.

                  Everything on the computer was as if it was freeze framed before it went down. The server would say it was online but on my phone app would say offline.
                  Nothing on the log would update since 6-20-2022. He also filled me in on PTI's tech support. Mentioned that they tend to respond to 3rd party vendors that work with them first before they work with users submitting tickets. So, his plan was to come back tomorrow and get PTI on the phone (which he has a direct number to, and it seems to be something cloud server based.

                  This morning I hear the alarm trigger as I live on site, I pull my phone up and see that the server is online and was able to silence it! I came down to the office and looked at the log to find out the server reconnected around 1:50 AM. I then went out and tried a few codes and now it works....

                  Not sure why it did this and if it's an issue with PTI's server but the fact that it can go down for 7 days is not cool. Wonder if anyone else had this issue?

                  I hope it stays working, but just wonder when it will do it again.


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                    I apologize for the delay in response. I was in the hospital Friday and so did not see your message until this morning. I will make sure to ask support about this, and why the voice mailbox is saying it is full.

                    Robert Toy
                    PTI Security Systems


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                      Originally posted by Robert View Post
                      I apologize for the delay in response. I was in the hospital Friday .

                      Robert Toy
                      PTI Security Systems
                      I hope you're doing well!


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