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  • Microsoft Surface Pro…Sitelink

    Will a Surface Pro run Sitelink?

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    Last time I checked, it would not. But that was 2 years ago. I went with a Dell XPS13 and it's faaaast..


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      Ok…Thanks much!


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        igotthisnow - As long as a tablet runs the standard Windows OS and not a restricted, slim version, SiteLink should install and run correctly.​


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          Ok thanks for this! My on order surface does run OS so I think I’m good.


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            igotthisnow - here is a link that might be helpful as well:​.


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              Ok...My Surface Pro adventure didn't work. The tablet was running full Windows10 home but had an ARM processor that wouldn't allow downloading Sitelink.

              Does anyone use a tablet that has cellular capability...if so what's the name and processor etc? I want to run the full version of Sitelink not MyHub


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