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PTI Suddenly Deleted All Zero's at the Beginning of Gate Codes

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  • PTI Suddenly Deleted All Zero's at the Beginning of Gate Codes

    This morning we had several tenants who couldn't get into the facility. After some trial and error, find out that in StorLogix cloud, all tenants who had a zero as the first # in their gate code had the zero disappear.

    The correct gate code (with zero) still shows in storEDGE, however, in PTI StorLogix, the software won't even accept the zero if manually adding it (for example, I go to the tenant and add the zero back in making the GC 012345, it saves it as just 12345.

    Is this a system wide change/problem, or just our facility? Wanted to see if others had this problem today.

    (Oh, and a few weeks ago StorLogix magically deleted someone's gate code (regular tenant who is in and out all of the time), for no reason. I truly dislike PTI).

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    We had the same thing happen several years ago, we had to change all of the codes to start with anything instead of a 0. The reason why was someone else's problem, mine was dealing with tenants.
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      I ran PTI for several years and if my memory serves, you could have a 0 at the start of a gate code, but the PTI system does not recognize it. So, you could setup 0123 in your management software, but Storlogix would only see it as 123. Perhaps this has now changed though.


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