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Excellent PTI support resource, or almost any access/alarm control issue

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  • Excellent PTI support resource, or almost any access/alarm control issue

    I can highly recommend Envirocom, Inc. and especially Glen Gilmore. I called Envirocom primarily because they will refurbish and UPGRADE any of your failed PTI hardware to better than new for far less than buying replacement devices directly from PTI. They know that the Falcon systems are some of the most bulletproof products out there, but PTI won't support them anymore in an attempt to push you to what seems to be newer and far less reliable products. Keypads from PTI are well over $1000 now, and even used keypads on eBay are going for $700+

    I called to arrange to send in a Falcon base and a few keypads that have failed over the years, and Glen mentioned that they also offer free tech support. What?! Just so happens that my system had a burp and was not functioning properly, so at my wit's end I called Glen. He spent HOURS with me on the phone troubleshooting and educating me on how the system worked and what to look for. I couldn't believe he was giving up hours of his time over a weekend to help a guy that hadn't yet spent a penny with his company, but he was informative and helpful without fail.

    Turns out the problem was a partially melted wire due to a fire I posted about on here back in July, and the issue just developed with the recent rains and cold weather. Nothing to do with the PTI system itself.

    Glen explained that as computers and their components became more and more useful in many applications, the 'hardening' of the components didn't catch up with the environment they're used in. A keypad computer board is designed to sit under your desk in a controlled environment, but our industry puts them out in the rain, snow, heat, cold, dust, humidity and wonder why they fail. His company refurbishes these components and brings them up to a standard that will withstand the elements....better than new. Also, Glen will be assigned my facility, so he'll always be the one I speak to if there's a question, so he gets to know me, and more importantly, my facility.

    So, if you have issues with your PTI system, or pretty much any access/alarm control system that has ever been used in the storage industry since it's inception, I highly recommend Glen and Envirocom, Inc. The website is He was a lifesaver for me over the this past weekend.
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    Storman, Thanks for sharing this contact. It's rare to find someone who knows and even rarer to find someone who cares!


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        If you can't, go to the URL in the original post and bookmark that. I've done it that way and then renamed the bookmark "PTI support"
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