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Installing A New Gate Operator - Which one?

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  • Installing A New Gate Operator - Which one?

    We are gearing up to trash our very antiquated security gate and install a new gate and operating system.

    I want a system that integrate with SiteLink.

    What systems have you all had success with?

    Any advice on adding low-cost surveillance options? We are in a rural area and have had virtually no security issues in the past 6 years.

    However, I'd like to be proactive (and increase rental rates by adding features my competitors do not offer).

    I'm getting ready to break ground tomorrow - and need to decide on a gate system asap.

    Thank you!

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    Hi Cmassie,

    I welcome you to take a look at our Guardian Keypad System. The Guardian series keypads come standard with a 7 Year Warranty including lightning protection. We integrate with your current Sitelink software and are compatible with Windows Vista and 7. All tenant information is stored in the keypads themselves, so in the case your computer or software is down for any reason, the keypads are still functional. We have several customizable options available such as display colors, pinhole camera, intercom system and our new keypad heaters which prevent freezing of the number pad once a pre-set temperature is reached. I would love to give you further details and discuss your needs further at anytime you are available to do so.
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      From purely an operator standpoint, I have had 4 Elite gate operators working almost totally problem free for about 15+ years. I can't recommend them enough, they have worked night and day without a hiccup. Elite is the motor that runs the gate, but I think you may have meant you were looking for a gate control system that will integrate with your software. For that, we've been using PTI without any issues for about the same time. It integrates with our RentPlus2.0 management software without any issues. (running XP Pro)
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        We use DigiGate at all 8 of our facilities and the people are great to work with, support is always there and it interacts well w/our SiteLink Web Edition.

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        Pat Friddle
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          We use PTI with Storage Commander (who is wonderful at support altho I have used Site Link before and prefer it's features) We recently had to upgrade our PTI unit and they made it very easy on us, but I'm not to sure our 'gate guy' knows his bum bum from his elbow to alert us to what the specific problem was once it was dectected we sent our (very outdated) unit to PTI and it was rectified in a very timely manner along with a very reasonably priced rental unit.
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            Most of the new gate controller software will interact with most of the new storage software.

            I would find a storage software you like first, then find a gate controller.

            We have been using Storage Commander and Demco for many years.
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              Re: Installing A New Gate Operator - Which one?

              What is the turn key cost - including installation - of a gate operator (1HP Elite) with interface (Sentinel daVinci) with 2 keypads and loops to Sitelink

              slide gate is in place.



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                Re: Installing A New Gate Operator - Which one?

                Be sure to include a 1" piece of conduit for video cameras.
                It costs a little more than 1/2 or 3/4, but it sure makes it easy to string the coax cable
                when you have any sharp bends.
                Running extra conduit sure can come in handy when you decide to put in door alarms,
                video, or additional electric. It's something that is pretty cheap to install when you're
                breaking ground, compared to after the facility is up and running.
                You should determine if you want your keypads to have an intercom and/or pin hole video camera...again, it's easy to install the conduit now, but a bummer to retrofit.
                Bob Meister


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                  Re: Installing A New Gate Operator - Which one?

                  There a few things to consider when you are shopping for a gate operator and access control systems.

                  You need to decide the type of operator (slide gate, swing gate or vertical pivot gate). Find out how to wire the safety and entrapment prevention devices like safety loops, photo eyes, gate edges sensors, surge protectors and power back up system. Please check with the local authority if they require any Fire Department lock boxes in case of emergency.

                  The next key decision will be the access control systems that actually run the gate and access devices like the keypads or card readers with pinhole cameras and intercom. These systems are controlled by a gate software which link up with other management software.

                  I highly recommend a reliable installer in your local area. Ask for referrals. In some cases check with your competitors who they are using. There are fence contractors, gate installers, security dealers, electricians all over the place. But you need to find one who can provide future services and warranty on the equipment.

                  Best regards,
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                    Re: Installing A New Gate Operator - Which one?

                    To expand on something doorking said about good local installers, I'd recommend that you make certain that several local repair shops are available to work on your gate components. We use Falcon 2000 in Oklahoma City, and the nearest person to work on them is an individual repair guy in Sand Springs, about 100 miles away.


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                      Re: Installing A New Gate Operator - Which one?

                      We have 2 vertical lift gates by SunPower out of California. They've been in place since 2003 and other than a few minor problems and adjustments that I was able to do, they have worked flawlessly from 6am to 11pm - 356 days a year. They come in a kit and most any contractor can install them. Sometimes tenants are fearful of them and I walk out and stand under the gate as it decends and STOP IT WITH TWO FINGERS to belay their fears.
                      Security systems - you can buy a DVR for 8 cameras that has internet capibilities for less than 1.5K$. Get a few cameras and a DSL line from the telco and you can monitor the facility from anywhere in the world. I have my cameras up in a window on my laptop as I type this. (Both gates are working, it's raining hard at the facility, the dumpster needs emptying and no tenats are there right now.....)
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                        Re: Installing A New Gate Operator - Which one?

                        installed 1/2 HP elite operator, winsen interface to existing sitelink software, in July 2012 it is working quite well!!!

                        Cost, fully installed, with bollards, etc etc was about $9000


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                          Re: Installing A New Gate Operator - Which one?

                          Im just abit confused about this gate stuff do I get a gate operator with the gate? Or with the keypad? Or what? Can I purchase a lift gate from any company and it will work with any keypad ?


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                            Re: Installing A New Gate Operator - Which one?

                            Hi Liz,

                            I see you are in Canada but I don't know where. In addition to the suggestions above, I would suggest checking with CSSA (Canadian Self Storage Association) to see if they could point you in the direction of a good installer in your area. My expertise is buildings, but I am pretty sure that gates are one of those items where the quality of the final installation is a factor of install quality as much or more than materials. So you want someone who has a proven track record with the equipment and the weather in your area. Preferably a company with a service rep nearby so you aren't incurring major trip expenses when they need to be called.



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                              Re: Installing A New Gate Operator - Which one?

                              Originally posted by GNSC Liz View Post
                              Im just abit confused about this gate stuff do I get a gate operator with the gate? Or with the keypad? Or what? Can I purchase a lift gate from any company and it will work with any keypad ?
                              Hi Liz, the gate "operator" is the motor that drives the gate so the answer is yes, you get an operator with the gate if you are purchasing an automatic gate. You don't need an operator if you are using a chain link type of gate. The keypads get tied into your unit security/access system in most cases and it is that software that tells the gate operator to allow open up to allow access to your property. Hope this helps.
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