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Moving away from Taskmaster------->DoorSwap

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  • Moving away from Taskmaster------->DoorSwap

    We develop and manage four facilities in the Southeast under the Storage Towne of America brand. We started using Taskmaster years ago (which is a decision I still regret). For years we struggled with the customer service and the software itself. When I finally read that Chamberlain was not supporting TM anymore I started looking for other options. Everything I looked at had to have some local program running on the machine in the office (this does not include the gate software). I wanted to find a completely cloud based system because of all the advantages a completely cloud based system can offer.

    Fortunately, I found DoorSwap. I was told about DoorSwap from one of our metal building vendors. Soon after calling them Bill Ford and Joel Washburn of DoorSwap came and saw us. One of the first things they said was that we would be blown away by their focus on customer service. Everyone says that when they are trying to get your business but it is rarely true. In this case Bill and Joel could not have been more right. With no money upfront, no set up fees, these guys worked tirelessly to get our systems set up and away from TaskMaster. Chamberlain would let our data go so Bill and Joel worked to find ways around the problem. They seamlessly took all four facilites from TM to DoorSwap with NO INTERRUPTION IN SERVICE TO OUR CUSTOMERS. Because of the work they did behind the scenes my managers just started using the program on the day we ask them to.

    I really canot say enough good things about them as a company. I know there are other small and medium sized storage facilities out there that are looking to get away from that horrible software and who dislike Chamberlain customer service. You will not regret getting involved with DoorSwap in any way. Feel free to contact me with any questions or just hit the guys up at (662) 323-5350.

    Brown Gill
    Storage Towne of America
    Memphis, TN

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