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    What do you guys recommend for an officer computer? Im sure this is a matter of opinion but Id love to hear what you guys prefer and why. Am I over thinking this? I like the all in 1 desktops and the IMacs. 4+ USB ports would be ideal as well...

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    Re: Office Computer

    Depends on all the uses for this workstation. Will it just be for business or business and personal?
    Scott Simon
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      Re: Office Computer

      It would be for the site manager only. The two main programs would be the gate/security and management software. Do you use a web cam to add photos of tenants? It seems that most software isn't geared toward Mac products.


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        Re: Office Computer

        Hi Drew,

        It is true that most management software favors windows operating systems. Don't get me wrong, I do love my Macbook for all things Adobe, but you will find that at least the higher end self storage software jumps aboard that Windows train.

        Regarding your question about photos: I can't say all, but I would think mostmanagement software would have multiple ways of capturing images. Whether it be via webcam, a point of sale device (Combo Reader), or just importing from the computer itself after taking with a smartphone or tablet. Obviously this will vary from each software provider so just ask while you are doing your research.

        I can't recommend any particular computer because I believe its all a matter of opinion, but I have to say that management software with a touchscreen monitor is pretty fun to navigate *luxuries*
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          Re: Office Computer

          Coming from an IT background it really depends on your comfort level with computers and if you are more hands on or hands off.

          Whatever you do stay away from the All-In-One models or the micro workstations small form factor and Laptops. In theory these are great ideas, but when a part breaks you just lost the whole computer or the parts are 3x more expensive to purchase then a standalone mini tower.

          As Kevin stated Macbooks or workstations are certainly an excellent product. However, in the storage industry everything is designed to work and function on a windows based operating system. Now you could opt for a Mac system which can run a dual operating system on it but the cost for such a system just isnt worth it. The upgrade ability factor is going to be a major issue as well.

          If you are hands on and feel you are a fairly savvy computer user and can fix most "conflict issues", malware issues, or even minor hardware upgrades and replacement then I would go with a Dell OptiPlex. Add as much possible ram as you can afford, add a decent graphics card, and opt for a 2nd hard drive with a raid 1 function setup. Do not Opt for Raid 0. This computer will allow you future upgrade options as well as give you the space inside for expansion. In addition to this if you aren't computer savvy even in anyway, it still has a 3 year onsite warranty and tech support. Once you factor in that you can routinely find Dell discount coupon codes up to 50% off they are a great deal.

          If I had to throw out a second option it would then be a Lenovo.

          Just my Opinion.
          David S
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            Re: Office Computer

            I love Apple products, but for a self-storage management setting you need a PC. My preference would be a tower form with the CPU under the desk or in a cabinet, and a BIG honkin screen (or 2). With Bluetooth wireless mouse. And hook the whole thing into a nice sound system to stream Pandora in the office while you are at it.



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              Re: Office Computer

              I will tell you what we ran into-they tried to save money the first time and got us a wussy tower computer. However, it did not have enough juice to run Site Link, store photos and run the gate system. We kept crashing one or all programs. What a fun time that was. After we have our tech guy over once, twice, thrice, he said, "Geez, buy a computer with more oomph. That should solve your problems." It totally did. If you can get it with Win7, even better. Our Win 8 has started a random slide show with tenant photos, hilarious but we haven't been able to fix it. We upgraded to an ASUS Intel Core i7 12 GB RAM. MUCH better. Also, get a battery back-up. Very important.
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                Re: Office Computer

                Originally posted by DNolting View Post
                What do you guys recommend for an officer computer? Im sure this is a matter of opinion but Id love to hear what you guys prefer and why. Am I over thinking this? I like the all in 1 desktops and the IMacs. 4+ USB ports would be ideal as well...
                Good morning,

                Software vendors often post hardware suggestions on their websites, including ours.

                MACs can work well for management software so as long as the Windows operating system is installed. Check with each program manufacturer, such as your gate software company, to confirm MAC compatibility.

                If counter space allows (it usually does), a second monitor offers huge improvement in productivity. You cannot over-emphasize the advantage of a second monitor; they translate into faster service and fewer errors.

                Touch screen monitors are not just "nice to have" but a great asset. They let tenants complete electronic leases and sign by finger. Ask your management software provider about the electronic lease options they offer. The concept of electronic signature capture is not new: most of us have used an iPad touch screen to sign receipts at retailers. Electronic leases eliminate the cost of printing and storing leases in bankers boxes. Depending on your software vendor's technology, electronic leases can facilitate lease audits and offer powerful data mining (such as searching for key words across all leases you have ever completed).

                Attn. cost-conscious owners: good, above-average hardware and dual monitors are not luxury items.


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