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Ex-Marine charged with plotting San Francisco Pier 39 attack for ISIS

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  • Ex-Marine charged with plotting San Francisco Pier 39 attack for ISIS

    I've been sitting here reading news the last few hours after earlier today a woman discharged her firearm at our local mall. And then SWAT blocked off roads near here due to an escalated spousal situation where the man apparently barricaded himself in a house with a child.

    I eventually stumbled upon this:

    What is more concerning is what appears to be a separate FBI agent, not of the two that had been communicating with the terrorist, had "Mistakenly" called the man from an identifiable number. The terrorist supposedly picked up the phone and answered in Arabic and the agent hung up. The terrorist then called him back and got the employee's voicemail, federal court documents show. (According to another account)

    So it would appear that the FBI has been infiltrated and someone tried to let this guy know what was going down. Because 2 days later he started with the "I don't think I can do this... spiel".
    Or, there's a really...really..stupid FBI agent.

    "On Dec. 18, an FBI employee mistakenly called Jameson with an identifiable DC number. Later that day, the second undercover agent messaged Jameson for a follow-up meeting. Jameson told the agent, I also dont think I can do this after all. Ive reconsidered."

    I hope that is the only attempt for Christmas. Or the last attempt on our soil, ever. We're going to have to act more drastically sooner or later.

    Be safe, friends. Enjoy your Merry Christmas. Remain vigilant.
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    If we don't do a better job of "targeting" terrorist activities and likelihood of certain people/groups, the "lone wolf" attacks will increase and be ongoing. You only have to look at the "AMOUNT" of like minded terrorist activity sympathizers there are throughout the world to know that being PC at every turn will get loved ones/innocents killed at special times and gatherings. There was a lone wolf bombing attack planned here in Oregon, in Portland, at a Christmas event gathering, about 3-4 years ago that was stopped by undercover agents and then the government allowed the bomber to claim entrapment and gobs of money and time was wasted on legal steps, both pro and con. What kind of crap is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The word "terror" is key. The aim is to make us all afraid to leave our homes.
    "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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