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  • Unusual Features & Attractions

    I came across an unusual but fantastic marriage of dissimilar ideas recently on Twitter called 'Al's Auto Body Shop & Arboretum'

    You may or may not have the land for this but it made me wonder if you have creative landscaping or features that are outside of what most people think of when they think self-storage. Plants? Art? Kiddie Rides? Giant statue of Elvis?

    Post pictures or links if you do!

    I don't know about you but my plans for future Pinky & The Brain style world conquest now involve a secret lab WITH extensive landscape features.

    PS: Don't be too worried about me conquering the world, I'm rapidly running out of road and the worst(?) thing I would do is ship most politicians to a remote - but comfortable- island where they can fight over who has to climb the tree to pick the coconuts (eventual starvation or onset of self-preservation induced common sense expected).
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    Building incrementally is tough.

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    It is the commitment to a certain type of land development that most concerns me.
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