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    They will want every gun you own to be registered with the federal government. That has been done before. Right after Germany invaded countries and then came after the registered guns. I have to pass a background check every time I buy a firearm. That info is to be kept at the gun shop for I believe 10 years but I may be wrong on the timeline. The state and fed authorities are supposed to wipe clean and destroy that info within 30 days. How much you want to be that that info is not being destroyed as it is supposed to be.
    "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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      The Right of the PEOPLE to Keep and Bear Arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED

      For the life of me I cant figure out why so many people do not understand that statement


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        Easy enough to understand but the libs want to interpret their own way. Have said many times that if they enforce the current laws they can stop most of what is happening. Criminals, you know the ones-the ones crossing borders illegally, letting go for SMALL offenses or let out of jail/prison early so a lib can feel good about themselves, will get guns no matter what. The absolute best way to help stop those people is NO GUN FREE ZONES! Just how stupid is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Like I said earlier, guarantee you want to be behind me at an SST convention, if a nut job goes off.
        "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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          bring back dueling, that will end many problems!!


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          • MamaDuke
            Reply to Death of a tenant question
            by MamaDuke
            Different states have different laws. In CA, there is a legal form to be completed and notarized, or they must have the proper court documents. In the meantime, we overlock the space to ensure that no one gets access until we have the proper paperwork.

            We don't want the son to come next...
            Today, 12:18 PM
          • dakselfstorage
            Reply to Where Would You Live?
            by dakselfstorage
            Just spent two nights on the outer edge of Kerrville at a Super 8. It was actually one of the nicer 8's we've stayed in. We did the three twisted sisters near there.
            Love the entire area....
            Today, 12:17 PM
          • pacnwstorage
            Reply to Death of a tenant question
            by pacnwstorage
            IMO, after seeing the certified death certificate and legal paperwork that gives her control of the mother-in-law unit belongings, she can have her name put on the unit and linked to her units. If you wish you can of course reference the mother-in-laws name somewhere on the unit.
            Today, 10:12 AM