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Overwhelmed, Exhausted, and Excited

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  • Overwhelmed, Exhausted, and Excited

    So I've been a little absent here recently. My daughter is pregnant with my 6th grandchild, a boy, due in October. However, July 1st she went into labor 14 weeks early. She spent a week in the hospital and they got it stopped. Then mid-month she was back in for 3 days so they could stop it again. Then on the 26th back in again, where she's been since. This trip I went with her figuring a couple days and back home and her husband could keep working. (They are currently only allowing 1 support person with laboring mom, and no switching. Whoever goes in with you is the only one who can be there until you deliver or are discharged.)

    So this time, she labored and was nearing delivery when it all stopped due to some meds given to help baby neurologically. Then a couple days later, she labored again for a few hours and stopped again. Then yesterday her water broke and more labor, but more meds that stopped it. And they will allow her to be this way for up to 3 more weeks as long as baby tolerates it and there are no signs of infection.

    So I've been sleeping in a hospital for 9 or 10 days. I've used up my sick time. I've worked a few days where I had no other coverage, while my boss knows if I get a call that it's "time" I'm out of here! (And he's totally okay with it. Office is closed anyway!)

    But I'm so tired I can't see straight. And I don't know if I can do 3 more weeks! But we have to keep baby boy as healthy as we can. He's about 3 1/2 pounds right now.

    Thanks for reading the blathering of a really tired Lola! One more hour and I'm back to the hospital. UGH!

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    Wow! Not the kind of excitement that you need-but I'll be praying that the baby cooks for a little longer. Hugs to your daughter and s-in-law.
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      Hang in there! We will be thinking about your family!


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        Prayers to you and your family, MD. You're an amazing Mom!
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          Just remember you cant pour from an empty cup. Try to take care of yourself as much as possible. Get those cat naps in, and eat healthy. Im sorry your family is experiencing this but you're right, its important for baby to"brew" a little longer to get as developed as possible to have the best chance.Congrats on being a gramma again, stay safe. Prayers for peace and health for you and your family.
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            I know I look each time I login to FB for an update. I know your girl is exhausted but she and baby are hanging in and that's all good. I've walked in your shoes and I know how completely on fumes you're running. Do your best to step away, even for a few minutes and breathe in some fresh air. It helps. Take care of yourself as they're going to need your help on the back end too. Let's hope the little man decides to kick back for awhile longer and enjoys his cushy, warm place so you can all rest up a bit. You know I'm here if I can do anything from afar. Love and hugs to you all.
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              Wow, lots of excitement there, sounds like their is exhaustion all around.. Hope the little one stays in for a while to finish up. Sounds like everyone is exhausted and I am sending you all best wishes.
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                Prayers on the way for all of you, good luck and stay strong


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