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Anyone ever apply for paid family medical leave?

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  • Anyone ever apply for paid family medical leave?

    Hello all,

    Ill be applying soon as I begin to undergo surgeries and chemotherapy treatments for a few months, I jut found out about 2 weeks ago I have cancer that has spread to other organs and will be looking at my options for treatment with oncology tomorrow morning. From what I understand I can be paid up to 12 weeks at 90% of my current pay. Is it like unemployment where you have to keep reapplying every week? I would appreciate tips from anyone who has done that, Thanks! I would just like to mention my employer has been fantastic and flexible with me having to go do bloodwork and scans and whatnot at last minute due to the doctors offices being a tad unorganized and trying to push me through as urgent.
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    Oh Wendy-I am so sorry! I don't know anyone personally who's applied but I'm pulling for you!
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      I recently dodged that bullet and am very sorry you are going thru this. Please keep us all up to date on the progress. Pulling for you and prayers are being said.
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        Wendy, I'm so sorry and wish you the best. It's great that your employer has been supportive. Hopefully, a member can offer you some advice.
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          Firstly, I am so sorry you are going thru this and will pray for you! I applied for FMLA years ago and not sure if things have changed, but it was just a one-time thing. I didn't have to keep submitting anything to my employer (previous employer). The only thing I was mandated to do after all of the initial paperwork was done, was to bring them documents from my providing doctor stating I was released to go back to work.


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            I wish that I was able to answer your question but I am unable to but I am praying and sending good thoughts to you.
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