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2021 MLB season

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  • 2021 MLB season

    Anyone excited to see baseball come back for a full season this year?

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    No, I am not excited.


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      Why not? Not a baseball fan?


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        Never again since the strike in the 80's.

        I played a lot of baseball when younger and in school and all the Little League and American Legion leagues. I was a pitcher and catcher and even went to 2 try outs for the majors. Just was not good enough. Sniveling cry babies were millionaires and wanted more when it cost way to much just for a hot dog. The second they started kneeling in football, I quit that too. 2nd amendment theme parks are where I get my activity now and NASCAR. If NASCAR gets too political, that goes away too. Even now I only watch about 6 races a year.
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          You seem kind of pissy over politics you won’t even watch sports? How dumb.


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            Don't poke the bear.

            I don't want to see or listen to cry baby sports people. More important things going on. I would have thought that would be obvious.


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              I am not much of a baseball fan.
              Now I would root for the Phillies though if they get to the playoffs!

              I enjoy watching the NFL
              Ice Skating

              Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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                Go 'Stros!


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                  I am SO excited for baseball season, Go 'Stros! I hope I'll be able to go to a game soon, we'll see how that goes...


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                    Yay it’s nice to meet fellow Astros fans here.


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                      Nope. Sports got too political. I want to be entertained not here about some social justice issue that the player could probably talk about on their time not mine.
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                        Originally posted by rg5090 View Post
                        You seem kind of pissy over politics you won’t even watch sports? How dumb.
                        Dumb is not understanding how political sports have become


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                          Originally posted by dakselfstorage View Post
                          Nope. Sports got too political. I want to be entertained not here about some social justice issue that the player could probably talk about on their time not mine.
                          Were you ever a sports fan? Athletes have always been vocal


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                            I was in to a lot of sports and yes athletes have been vocal about how good they are, how good the team is, smack talk......etc. I don't give two craps about their opinion about politics and how the world should be. They are not paid for that. They are paid way too much money to play a game and be good about it and keep their political opinions to themselves and their close friends. If they want to run for office, get off their butts and do so and then spew the rhetoric.

                            They have a stage and that is why they do this political opinion crap. If I watch a sporting event, it is to relax and have fun and block some of the pressing issues out of my head, so I don't need or want to listen to any of them talk their crap. When they do that it is ruining their particular sports and making fans mad and costing them money. The owners should deduct pay from all of them that spew their opinions because the owner makes less money when they do that.

                            I mean, really, NBA players backing China? Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prison camps and slave labor and killing people is ok as long as NBA players get their money. Anyone that thinks that is ok, well I got nothing for you except contempt.
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                              Sports is very political - it is basically tribal warfare. War is politics of a different nature. Since running over to the village next door with your fellow citizens and killing and pillaging is no longer the accepted norm, we have sports. We send our 'warriors' to other villages to battle for honor (TV ratings) and treasure (a trophy). Teams have their colors, icons and songs. The government is all for it, if it keeps you entertained and off the streets for a few hours.

                              Why do you think American has the 'Dream Teams' in the Olympics?

                              I find it super interesting, how the teams people like are passed on through the generations (father to son, father to son) and when women really started getting into sports, very interesting.

                              I loved baseball, until they went out on strike, once, twice...too many times. It is a game, played at the highest level, but a game.

                              If you want to see guys hustle and playing for something, watch the minor leagues, any class below the majors.

                              If you want to see players playing for the love of the game, watch any little league game.

                              A tenant of mine said one time, if you start your job description with 'I play....', then you are probably not 'really' working. Example - I play baseball for a living or I play in a band. As opposed to - I work in self storage. Just a thought.

                              I use sports more for a seasonal calendar nowdays.

                              Bet you never imagined this is where the thread is going.


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