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Cold Storage or Wine Storage

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  • Cold Storage or Wine Storage

    Hi. Have any of you converted some of your units to cold storage or wine storage? Where did you go to learn enough to make an educated decision? Anymore insight into this inquiry?

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    I'm about to head home but I can regale you with our issues tomorrow and how we handled it for our wine storage at the last facility. It was actually original to the building construction, but oh the I wrote an article for ISS, I think it came out in May.
    I was born to be wild, but only until about 9:00 pm.


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      At last facility I had indoor units with a camera in the hallway. I had a lady tenant that had a unit under the camera and I could see her great. She would lock her unit to go and walk the distance of the hallway and even get the door at the end open to leave and would then walk back to unit to check...
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