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  • Tall Terri
    Reply to Not renewing a month to month lease
    by Tall Terri
    The first time they break the rules, I give a verbal warning but notes in the account. Second time, written warning and notes in the account - however if they are living on property that is immediate removal with the cops assistance and not to return to get their property except during office hours....
    Yesterday, 05:01 PM
  • Tall Terri
    Reply to Reserving/Wait listing for new units in development.
    by Tall Terri
    In the past, I have posted three weeks prior to the estimated opening and stated it is an ESTIMATED opening date and take reservations for the units. I'm assuming that the rest of your facility is full, or you just feel that those that are presently renting with you will want to go to the newer units?...
    Yesterday, 04:58 PM
  • Kevin SC
    Reply to Your LinkedIn Profile
    by Kevin SC
    Thanks for the share Amy, it was a great article from Rick Beal.

    Honestly, LinkedIn is my favorite social media platform. Not only for engaging with like-minded professionals, but as a great resource for learning and growing upon your own skills....
    Yesterday, 04:53 PM