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  • How to join groups and albums

    Still new to some things. Need the process on how do i join a group? What is a group? Also albums. I feel i want to be involved but have looked around and probably missed it, but need someone to walk me thru joining . All help appreciated.

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    Re: How to join groups and albums

    Hi mrbob,

    Welcome aboard! SST's social groups can be a great way to connect with fellow members, particularly if you share the same hobbies, passions or work-related interests. There are groups set up for owners, managers, legal issues, hobbies, etc. This link will display the current social groups on the site. You can also click on the "Join Groups" link in the Groups section on your profile page to bring up the groups page. Simply click on the "+Join" button to join a group. Click on the title to open the group to view members and see recent posts. Some groups may not require "joining" per se, so if you're interested in keeping up with activity, you'll want to select "subscribe to group" from the dropdown menu in the upper right-hand corner of the group page.

    You can also start your own group by clicking on the "+Create Group" button on the Groups page and filling out the prompts. It's really that easy.

    SST's Albums feature is really similar to the photo-album feature in Facebook. Albums reside in your public profile and can be set up by clicking on the "Add Album" link from the Albums section of your profile page. Albums can be set up as private (viewable only to you) or public (viewable to other members). You can title albums, assign a cover photo, caption your images, etc. We also have an Official SST Photo Thread for general sharing purposes, if you have single photos or images you'd like to share on the public board. You can also add photos to your posts in other threads.

    Members should be aware that groups, group posts and albums should remain in good taste and are subject to moderation.

    For more information, you can explore the site's FAQ page.

    Have fun!
    Tony Jones
    Manager, Inside Self-Storage Store
    Former Community Manager, Self-Storage Talk
    Informa Exhibitions LLC


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      Re: How to join groups and albums

      Thanks for the info Tony. Exactly what I needed!


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