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    Re: No Contract

    Originally posted by lady5563 View Post
    I have!
    Years ago!
    He had his little cat with him too!

    lady5563, I was walking the facility one night at the other one I worked at, saw a light glare in a unit as I walked by, no lights in units, hit the door hard with fist, man inside yelled because I startled him, called the customer on the lease, he came down and let his buddy out, they moved out the next day because I told them that from here on out they could not come to unit unless I unlocked the gate code and the unit and stood there the whole time they were there.
    "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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      Re: No Contract

      It was years ago, I would see this tenant just about every day come to the property. He was a walker too. He would come in after we opened and go to his unit.
      Most days he left before we closed.
      I thought that was rather odd.
      So after about a week of his coming to the property during office hours, we observed him to be wearing the same exact clothes and he would be carrying a bag from the local Burger King.
      Well, after a week or so goes by, my manager and I started wondering what it is that he was doing in his unit,all day.
      So myself and the maintenance man walked up to his building and accessed the 2nd floor where his unit was.
      The door was shut and we couldn't hear anything, no movement inside the unit.
      We finally ended up just announcing ourselves and then we opened the door.
      There he was laying on a make shift bed with about 5-6 comforters and all.
      Then we spotted the kitty liter box!!!
      And LIT candles!!!
      I asked him to please get his act together, immediately and come to the office.
      My manager and I of course felt bad for the guy but we had to remind him that there is not and will not be any sleeping in the unit, EVER!
      I went on to tell him that he can not possibly house the kitty cat either!
      I told him that we did not wish to evict him but that if he was caught sleeping on the property ever again, we would have no alternative but to ask hm to leave.

      He didn't sleep at the property again and he got rid of the cat too.

      Never had any more issues with this guy.
      After a while, he found himself a place to stay and moved out.
      Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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        Re: No Contract

        I will refrain from any jokes that have crossed my mind over that story lady5563!!


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          Re: No Contract

          Oh come on now!
          We all LOVE and need a good funny, right about now!!!
          HA HA HA
          Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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            Re: No Contract

            there are ladies present!


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