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Self Storage Kiosk for Sale - OpenTech Alliance INSOMNIAC 100 - $4000

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  • Self Storage Kiosk for Sale - OpenTech Alliance INSOMNIAC 100 - $4000

    Hi everyone,

    We have an OpenTech Alliance INSOMNIAC 100 kiosk for sale. It can be used to help automate your storage facility by allowing for payments and some other functions after hours. This particular unit was purchased a couple of years ago but never used and is in perfect condition.

    Retail price for one of these is $5500 but we're listing it at $4000. This price is negotiable and we are open to other offers. Feel free to post in this thread or send me a PM if you're interested. Thanks!

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    Looks a little like a microwave oven LOL.


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      Haha now that I look at it, I guess you're right! It sure is a lot more useful for a storage facility than a microwave though (I hope) lol

      By the way, forgot to add this to my original post, but here's a link to the OpenTech Alliance website for more information on their kiosks:


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