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OpenTech Alliance Insomciac 770 Freestanding Kiosk for sale

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  • OpenTech Alliance Insomciac 770 Freestanding Kiosk for sale

    This kiosk was used at our Santa Maria, CA location. The climate is very mild year around and it sits under a covered porch. I paid $15,500 for the unit (in 2009) but will take $7,000 or best offer. I've kept current with the service agreement with OpenTech. We currently still use the kiosk, buy I'm phasing it out due to operational changes. Visit OpenTech's website for more information at:OpenTech will charge you a setup fee and there may be some other fees associated with taking it over. If you are interested I can provide you with my contact at OpenTech and he can answer any question you may have about taking over this unit.

    Please contact Todd at: [email protected]
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    Kiosk Sold. Thank you for looking.


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      If you're still around, I'd be interested in what you mean by "operational changes". Although these kiosks look very enticing, I've always been of the mind that I want to see and speak to every renter that is given access to my facility. I'm wondering if your operational changes have anything to do with the kiosk renting to anybody that can push buttons on a screen, and you're now looking for more control.

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        First, keep in mind that my facility is 98,000 s.f. and located in a very competitive and oversupplied market here in Santa Maria, CA. We are located near the coast about 60 miles north of Santa Barbara.

        The kiosk can be great for a facility that doesn't have heavy competition or is a small facility that can't afford to have a full-time manager. The Open Tech call center can link to it and the operator can help people rent units. The operator can see them too via the camera system and we can view the recorded rental process as well.

        I purchased the kiosk in 2009, so I wouldn't have to staff the office on Sunday. We were open the other 6 days per week. In all, I averaged about 1 unit rental per month. This was well under what I expected the kiosk to generate. The operational change we made was to open on Sunday with an actual person. The rentals increased significantly because most people like dealing with a person. If they can go down the street and deal with an actual person, they will. Also, technology is changing, and the Kiosk is older technology. You can now use a tablet to rent a unit now, and we are switching to online rentals. I've joined the Store Local Co-op, and they have access to so many amazing tools for small operators. These tools go far beyond using a Kiosk!

        Online rentals still allow the manager to make the final decision when it comes to renting a storage unit. That customer still needs to check in at the office...just like when you book a hotel room. The Kiosk does not! The Kiosk will rent to anyone, so be prepared for some of those tenants to be people you might not have rented to. I also found that the amount of kiosk rented lien sale units were disproportionately high.

        My friend has a kiosk at one of his unmanned sites. It's the only way he rents units, and it's the only way the facility could ever exist. It boils down to what type of facility you have. For me, it just isn't a good fit.

        I hope this helps you.


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