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Keypads for sale.

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  • Keypads for sale.

    We have two QuikStor integrated keypads and Ultra converter for sale that we have had to replace due to their not being compatible with our new software. These are only a year old and are in good working order if combined with the right software program. Any ideas how to sell them? Their PTI replacements cost $5k so this is no small deal for those seeking integrated entry and exit. We can't find a forum for selling things like this? Help?

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    Re: Keypads for sale.

    Can you message me the model numbers and send some pictures? I will pass it on to our technical manager and see if he can use them.
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      Re: Keypads for sale.

      The keypads are the newest models made by QuikStor and I believe are less than 2 yrs old as we just upgraded to them. I will send pix and model # today when I go to the property. I need an approx valuation for them? Conflict of interest? Nahhhhh! Just a fair value as I know the replacement cost for new. These are the models that are interactive with onsite software and give a 2 line active message on the keypad. I also have 3 extra surge protectors which cost about $20 plus postage. Total value approx $1-3k ?


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        Re: Keypads for sale.

        Welcome to the site, aaalakeside. I'm moving this to the Goods & Services Exchange. There will be a redirect for two weeks.

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