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Returned roll up doors for sale

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  • Returned roll up doors for sale

    We have 42 (or less depending on how fast they sell) roll up doors that were returned from a job site for being the wrong size. Doors fit a 8'8" tall by 8'w opening. As these have been shipped and moved around a job site, they have a few scratches. These are bright white doors with a Chateau metal slide latch (not the usual Trac-Rite oval latch).

    Doors available for $175 each (or make an offer in case they don't sell at the asking price). Pickup in Sun Prairie at Trac-Rite Door, or may be shipped for additional charge. Contact Chris O'Hearn 608 327-3147 for more details.

    Doors shown below are same type and color.


    Steve Hajewski
    Marketing Manager

    (Sorry to be a vendor posting, this is an unusual situation for us and this seemed like the most appropriate location. I checked with Tony before posting this and he agreed that it would be ok)

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    Re: Returned roll up doors for sale

    FYI doors have been sold. Moderator feel free to delete the thread if you wish.


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