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  • Insurance


    We are considering adding an insurance option to our business. Does anyone have any suggestions as to who to go with?

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    Bader insurance I've dealt with in the past. They are quick to respond to my inquiries and quick to respond to a client's needs which makes both of us happy.
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      MiniCo covers some things that other companies don't (rodents, for one). They are easy to work with and are pretty easy to work with when there is a claim. I have used them everywhere except where I currently work.

      I currently use Sage. We've never had a claim at this property, so I can't speak to that! But Sage even covers damage from a Sonic Boom! That always cracks me up!!!


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        I think out of all the companies I have worked with Minico seems to be the best, the only one I think that covers "Vermin" up to $500.


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          They will take the lead in rolling out their program to your existing tenant base!

          I highly recommend them!
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