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Cell tower lease renegotiation call

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  • Cell tower lease renegotiation call

    First time I've gotten a call from the cell company itself looking to renegotiate our lease or sell the lease to them outright. I get calls and emails ALL THE TIME from 3rd party companies looking for me to cash out of the lease and sell it to them, this is the first time the cell company has made that offer.

    Funny thing, they start with a request to extend the lease by 20-30 years and ask if I'm interested. When I tell them that the answer to that depends on many other factors, they then go into a desire to reduce the lease escalations agreed to by both parties in the existing lease. If I don't agree to the lease reductions, then they'll probably review my site and determine if they'll just move out altogether....

    Yeah, they just last week finished a $1M upgrade to 5G on my tower.
    They want a 20-30 year extension, but if I don't agree they might move out. Riiiiiiiiight.

    Nope, I'm good, the terms we all agreed to that are still in force through 2042 are just fine by me. Thanks for your call (nice try).

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    That's crazy. Do they really think you're that stupid?????


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      she told me that they're replacing large, expensive sites with just the 'backpack sized' electronics that don't need all the room and a tower. They'll have to determine if they even need my site anymore.

      hahaha. They just designed those yesterday a few days after they took 3 weeks to completely replace the antennas on my tower, the 3 large chest sized electronics on my roof and the 5 refrigerator sized cabinets inside the unit?
      In no way affiliated with Storman software.


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        We have two cell towers on our properties and the same thing goes on with us
        Dave (Woodee) Scott


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