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    Still in the hunting for location phase, but now have some investor backing to move forward. Looking to do RV/Boat storage uncovered at first, then once we get to 50% capacity, build some covered spots, this will allow us to pre-book those spots with current customers first making the investment feel more safe.
    I have read through every topic here in this section, but open to any general things to look out for and advice on size, design, etc

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    You may want to look into the Southwest Florida area such as Bonita Springs.
    I managed a property in Bonita & there was a high demand for RV/Boat/Car storage.
    Our RV/Boat parking was at capacity & since the property didn't have much room for RV/Boats I had to send prospective customers elsewhere & they would say, "I tried that place & they are full."


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      Are you just going to do RV/Boat storage? Electrical hook ups? Water hook up? Dump station? Ability to buy propane, food, ice, drinks?
      "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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        Main model is for boat/RV parking, starting with outside then moving to covered. Yes plan to have 110v power to run trickle chargers but not 220v. not water hookup but a wash station and we will pressure wash off the unit once a month as part of the lease. Yes on dump station. no on the drink/ice/propane thing , not planning to have staff there all the time... i see a lot of guys dropping in storage containers or perimeter storage buildings, so thats also an option im looking at. trying to figure out as close as possible to the break even point for units vs monthly operating costs. I see a lot of systems out there for management/payment/gate operation so trying to figure out most economical system. Def want automated gate that ties into the system, if they are up on the payment it will open


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          Tainted Meat I have a fairly new facility in Florida with 82 parking spaces of various sizes and charging stations. Make sure that you are able to fence and light extremely well and also install cameras. It is also better if the boats and rv's are hidden and not visible to cars driving by (tall fence!). We just gained a tenant who's RV was broken into at a competitor.

          Since I was new in the Florida market I learned one important thing from my lawyer. Tow companies will not tow any RV that is older than 15 years old. So we require all RVs to be no older than 10 years old. Luckily in Florida, lien law allows an owner to tow a vehicle in lieu of an auction.

          We also only allow boats, RV's and enclosed trailers. No cars, no open trailers and we require credit cards on everyone. You also need a completely different rental agreement for vehicles in Florida but that is no biggie. We also have parking passes, tags or stickers to identify each vehicle.

          The Florida Self Storage Annual Conference is next month in Kissimmee at the Gaylord Palm resort. You should definitely go! It is my favorite state show! There will be tons of vendors there that can help you including builders, developers, gate companies, software companies, etc.
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