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  • Getting Info on Cell Towers

    How do you find out more information on the cell towers. I know that when I went to that website it listed several in the area, but most are not registered? We have just opened a new facility also, oh man what a learning experience going through all the city permits, fees, construction, etc. Everyone has their hand out for $$ but the facility wasn't even built, lol. I am glad it is done and finally have $$ coming in, we still have tons to learn as we lease up.

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    Congrats again on getting up and running!

    Hopefully things are moving ahead well.

    You can pursue a cell-tower for your site, and the rental income is great - it costs you nothing but a small amount of space, and all the costs (including rent) are paid for you (to you). I've recently been talking about this very thing with one of the moderators of this site, RK Kliebenstein. RK has over 20 years of experience in the business, and he is publishing a new book on developing additional revenue sources. I've read the preliminary copy, and it's really good stuff. I liked it enough that I agreed to contribute to a chapter about cell-tower sites (without remuneration). My Mom was in the business, and she says it really helped having the information at her fingertips.

    Check out How To Make More Money In Self Storage to read a few chapters of the new book, and if you like it, pick up a copy when it becomes available.

    Basically, it takes some private detective work and digging through public records to find the right people. One or two basic methods are detailed in the new book. Later in 2008, I expect to put out a more comprehensive publication on cell-tower sites and working with wireless companies, but RK's book is going to cover so much more than just towers, and it should be available for purchase very soon.

    By the way, I am impressed that you handled your own zoning and development work. I deal with zoning and development folks every day and it seems like just when you've completed jumping through all the hoops, something else comes up. One site that I am working on now is coming very close to litigation because the jurisdiction won't honor their written zoning code. At least it isn't boring.

    Over 1000 towers served and growing.


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      Tower Guy,

      Thank you very much for the info. I will definately be ready for the release of the book. You are right, it seems like it never ends with permits, etc. We are kind of unique, we (I) went through many Planning Commision meetings and City Council meetings to optain a CPU (Conditional Use Permit) which allows us to also run a Truck and Car Rental operation in addition to a Penske Franchise out of our same facility. I think I aged about 15 years trying to get everything done, but we are finally open, lol. Once again, I really appreciate the info. Look forward to talking with you again.


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