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    I am about to contact a Cell phone company about a Cell Phone tower placement on my Storage property. During the first phone call to them, they might ask what rate I am looking at charging them. Can someone email me or reply with a rate that I should be charging?

    [email protected]
    Thank you

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    Tell them to come out and take a look at the property first and see if it will meet their needs. During your interactions with them you will be able to determine whether or not your location is desirable. There are many factors, like proximity to power, city restrictions, 24 hour access, topography, etc.

    No matter what, the rent they pay you will be far better than a storage tenant, don't get too greedy, likely there are other places they can go. I wouldn't talk money on the first phone call, let them do the legwork and you'll have more information than you do now.

    For reference, we have a cell tower on our facility, we negotiated an annual increase in rent and they have paid it on time with no problems for the past 5 years. For one tower, we're getting about $2500 per month and we've "given up" 3 units that would otherwise earn us about $500 a month if they were always rented. We are in a very expensive area though, with literally hundreds of thousands of cell users, I'm certain that comes into play when they determine the value of a cell site.
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      I for one am very interested in this - I keep pushing our owners to check into this area, but no tower yet.

      Keep us informed as to how the process goes.

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        How about some details...


        Details are key - Stormann makes an excellent point about creating interest to begin with, but if they say "we'd love to do it", you'll want to be ready.

        What can you share about your facility, and the area in which it is located?

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          Who to contact

          anyone know who to contact? i have tried but not gotten thru to the right department... I am in a remote area and think this would work for us and them.


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