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  • Awfully desolate in here ...

    Several months ago, when we unveiled this forum during our Las Vegas Expo, we were approached by a gentleman by the name of Bill Pitzer, who was very eager to create an alliance between Self-Storage Talk and his Auto Care Forum. Carwashing makes a great complementary business to self-storage, as its requirements are very similar from the perspectives of land, construction, finance, staffing and even marketing. Inside Self-Storage even has a sister publication titled Modern Car Care, and we see more and more carwash operators and vendors at our tradeshows.

    So ... we created this section of the forum at Bill's request. But there's been no sign of Bill. And no sign of anyone else for that matter! Is there anyone out there operating a carwash in conjunction with self-storage or interested in doing so? Please chime in! It's getting awfully lonely in here!
    Teri L. Lanza
    Editorial Director
    Inside Self-Storage

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    Best thing I can tell you Teri, is that two of our sites are located next door to car washes. We share a parking lot with one of them. They have both changed hands since we've owned the storage facilities, but we've not had any interest in buying them. We have 5 storage facilities with truck rentals and 3 other businesses. Don't need any more work.


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      If I had room for a carwash, I'd put in more storage. Between startup costs, employee hassles, breakdowns, water shortages/cost, vehicle damage, etc... in my opinion more storage space is a no-brainer. Considering the current economy, paid carwashes are going to be a tougher sell. I think the old soapy bucket and a sponge is going to make a comeback.
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        we don't have a car wash at any of our locations but I own a mobile pressure washing business. And I plan on having a car wash at a new yet to be determined location. I know alot about washing vehicles but not much about running a car wash.
        Though if anyone does I have some good detergents I use I could recommend.


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          Originally posted by Storman View Post
          I think the old soapy bucket and a sponge is going to make a comeback.
          Is there any other way to wash a car This is the best way to enjoy a warrm day with the kids. We line up our mustangs(67,06,85,96cobra) and we all wash away. Since we have owned these cars they have never seen the carwash. It does take longer to hand wash & wax(all day job for us) but well worth it
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            RV Wash Bay

            Can anybody comment on adding an RV wash bay to a storage facility and the impact it would have on a septic system?


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              Re: Awfully desolate in here ...

              What a great idea! I have never seen a self storage / cash wash combination in the bay area.
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                Re: Awfully desolate in here ...

                Don't worry, there is probably 1 or 2 ....:-)



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                  Re: Awfully desolate in here ...

                  We have a car was here at this location. It has 2 DIY bays and 1 full service bay. The full service is huge and we do full washing and detailing of boats, trailers, and RVs. We also offer air, water, and a dump station. The dumping is free for customers and $20 for non-customers.

                  It also used to include a coffee shop, which they closed before I got here.

                  The car was does bring in business, but not really anything for storage. It also opens us up to trouble because it was build INSIDE the gate, so every day from 8-5 the gates are wide open so people can get into their cars washed, but that means that anyone can get in.

                  Anyone considering this when they build, make sure the car wash is OUTSIDE the security gates, otherwise there is NO security! Otherwise, it does work well for us here.


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                    I wish I had noticed this thread YEARS ago! In 2007, I opened my first storage facility and in 2008 I closed my first and only car wash! Within a year, the storage was making more per month than the car wash made yearly. Fast forward 15 years to having three storage facilities. And a $30/month membership at the local car wash


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                      I owned a self-serve 7 bay car wash for two years. It was a renovation project (fix/flip) and I never intended to keep it longterm. It was a huge cashflow machine but the constant maintenance and crappy clientele made it real easy to sell once the right offer came in. I'm liking the relative peace and quiet of the storage business much better.


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                        Build more storage I agree, forget the carwash. The traffic issues are a headache and on days when the line is long it blocks the entire driveway leading up to the self storage gate.


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