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Truck rental venting!!

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  • Truck rental venting!!

    Anyone share my frustrations some days??

    Like today...

    When I drove up to work a customer was already there and my coworker was already dealing with him. His story, NOT his fault tho.

    He called the 1 800 number and made a reservation, he was assured the 16 foot truck had a bench seat to sit 3, they do not with our company.
    He was on the phone with the 1 800 number when I got to work.
    They tell me at resevations to give the guy my last 26 foot truck for the same price.
    My major issue was he was getting a 16 foot truck that has a base price of $825 for an EIGHTY SEVEN percent discount of $111.
    From South Florida to Ohio, employees dont get that great of a deal
    Now I do understand the pricing is based partially on what area needs trucks and I do not mind giving someone a deal to close the sale but this was out right stupid!!

    I know MSG had a similar story...anyone else???
    No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

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    I look at it this way, if I promised something and I didn't deliver, that's on me. With that said, for the best interest of my company I need to do damage control and resolve the issue at hand..
    I was once a business owner and had to make decisions that didn't make sense to some of the employees, but in business it's all about survival.. Just my 2 cents anyways..
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      Yes, but this customer did NOT book with the agent, he booked thru Central Reservations (I am assuming) and they promise ANYTHING to get the rental!! The discounts they are giving right now are RIDICULOUS!! They are literally giving trucks away. I had a 16 footer go to California, an EIGHT day rental and they only charged her $200!! Penske only pays 12.5% commission, so you do the math!!!

      But hey Elpha, I had a customer drop off this morning and they left a DRYER on the truck!! They thought we could just find someone who might want it!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Stephanie Tharpe
      A+ Management Group, LP
      Nashville, TN

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