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  • unclelourocks
    Re: Just started looking

    We do Penske trucks here and have been very pleased. We use to do Budget trucks..they were very good at making reservations and us not having trucks to cover them. Penske will call us and check to make sure we have a truck before they make the reservation.

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  • astro
    If you browse some of the older threads, you should find conversation about the various truck rental companies. If you have any concerns, they will answered here, somewhere.

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  • ams
    started a topic Just started looking

    Just started looking

    The ownership group gave us permission to look into getting truck rental at the facility. We had to meet with the city as they changed our zoning which opened this to us.

    I think the new owners want us to do this so they don't have to think about giving us a raise this year. It has been a few years since we have had one. Our facility has been doing good.

    Hopefully this will be worth it and not mess us up for taxes.


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  • wc1974
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    by wc1974
    I also should mention that my store has won the secret shopping awards for 2 years in a row out of 23 stores, both in person and over the phone. We offer excellent customer service. Our staff are never rude, but we are also not afraid to call it like we see it on a potential disaster of a tenant....
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