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    I know this post is old, but it is good to do a search before starting a new thread that is very similar in nature. Anyway, the owner and I are very close to becoming a Uhaul dealer, short of signing the contract. I really like Lisa's overall thoughts of being a Uhaul dealer, it makes me feel better about the leap we are going to take. Other posts that you've mentioned, Lisa, made it seem like you had way more trucks than 3+1! We're thinking of 2 10' and 2 14' as a start!

    Reading the contract thoroughly, all the legalese makes my head spin, and I hope it is actually easier once you get the hang of it than what the contract says. I am not looking for a huge money maker in the commissions, just a strong new storage rental avenue. Lisa makes a strong case for that, especially her example from a month last year which they got nearly a quarter of new rentals from truck rentals! I love those statistics.

    Keep the stories coming; we probably won't have a "grand opening" until the end of the month or into the beginning of August. The AFM for our area seems competent enough, so hopefully he approves our application and we can get going with the contract in the next week!


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      In Florida we ran a 1,000 unit facility and we averaged 4th highest in revenue in Palm Beach County for U-Haul. We never stopped all day. U-Haul is for U-Haul and could care less about it's customers. Never again....Tana


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        I am currently a UHaul dealer. It is a nuisance and a pain in the butt (sorry about the language). We have a very good AFM, and this makes it easier for us. But, it brings people in to our store for boxes and truck/trailer rentals, and this gives us our opportunity to sell our property to them. We don't get a lot of business this way, but every rental counts.

        There are days when it is the biggest hassle you can imagine, but there are days when it is all that we do.

        Planning what you want to have on your lot, simply, doesn't work. We get all of our inventory from customer drop-offs. None from UHaul directly. But our nearest next dealer is about 25 miles away, and this makes swapping difficult, as my wife is currently unable to drive.

        Unlike others, I will have UHaul wherever I work from here on, as people coming in the door helps rental and ancillary business.

        Bob (Astro)
        Bob Taylor (Astro)
        Blue Ridge Self Storage
        Cashiers, NC

        Disclaimer: What Gina said....'cause the the cheese fell of my cracker.


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          I have to agree with Bob 100%....we have 3 trucks that live here, and a variety of one-way trucks that come and go. We don't do trailers or auto-transports unless it's for a storage customer.

          All of the U-Haul and Budget trucks in the area are at storage facilities, so if they didn't get their truck here, they would be going to the competition to get a truck...not something I want to happen. And I get a fair amount of rentals from people coming here to get a U-Haul that planned to get storage elsewhere, but never make it that far. That's what would happen to my tenants if they went elsewhere to get a truck.

          I can't tell you how many people have walked in the door the last 2 years to pick up a U-Haul, with a reservation at some other storage facility, who ended up renting their storage here. Of course, if I didn't ask them why they were getting a U-Haul, I wouldn't have known they needed storage. I think that's the big thing that most storage people miss out on doing. I got a call on my U-Haul line from someone Saturday afternoon, they had a loaded down 17' U-Haul truck and were leaving Tampa coming to Orlando, they were looking for a place to drop the truck when they arrived in Orlando....turns out they also needed a storage unit to unload the truck into....but that wasn't the purpose of their call...they were trying to find a truck drop location first, then they were going to start calling storage facilities...we took care of both their needs and rented a 10x10 for at least a year when they got to town.

          Yes it is a nuisance and a pain....and it is a big hassle, but so far the benefits far outweigh the problems. We also sell boxes and packaging to U-Haul only customers, and we get customers who come by months later after they rented their U-Haul because they remembered how fast, easy, and pleasant the experience was here, so when they need storage, we were the first ones that popped in their mind.

          We don't keep many trucks here, usually it's just our 3 locals. But we do make a commission off of every reservation we make when we answer the phone, and the customer picks up the truck at the U-Haul center up on the's a decent amount of $$$ for not ever seeing the truck.

          It helps that we used to work for U-Haul, so we know their entire program pretty darn well, and can use the best of it to augment our storage business. Our customers, U-Haul and/or storage, get treated well....what the other 16,000 U-Haul locations do, I can't help....but we definitely get storage business because of U-Haul.
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            Originally posted by Cascade Heated Storage View Post
            I saw my first Budget/PS truck yesterday. Sad story. It was because of the anticipation of this that many of my sister stores didnt become a Budget dealer. Other than the ad that goes across a third of their back door, I love them.

            Budget doesnt have a large presence out here but PS does and they are dropping rates.


            We have not one, but TWO PS facilities within a couple of blocks of us, both have Budget/PS trucks.....and both facilities have every conceivable square inch of parking space loaded down with trucks.


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              Penske can be a real pain with loading up your property with trucks. You have to beg them to come take them away so you can have your vacant RV spaces back to rent to customers. We finished with doing Penske trucks back in Feb. and I can't say that I miss it at all. The money generated wasn't half what all the work involved with the was worth. We rented the odd unit to Penske customers, but they were few and far between.


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                Well, we've decided to go ahead with it, so we will be a U-Haul dealer most likely by the end of the month if all goes according to plan! Wish us luck!


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                  You'll do fine!

                  When we worked for U-Haul, we were taught that 40% of all truck rental customers also need storage. I have found that it is closer to 20%.

                  But here's the way you have to look at it...1 out of every 5 people who call or come into your office for a truck also need storage.

                  Which of your marketing efforts produces a person needing storage 1 out of 5 times, with no cost to you whatsoever? instead you make money by having these people contact you even if they don't need storage?

                  I can mail out a 1000 post cards, or spend days visiting businesses and apartments around here for a return of zero rentals.

                  I just look at U-Haul as another marketing tool.


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                    Well, Lisa, you may welcome us to the family! We're going live tomorrow (that is, August 4, 2009)! We already have 2 trucks on our lot, and I hope it works out. Our AFM is coming by tomorrow to do some in-erpson tutorials. I'm super-excited for this new challenge, and I love you philosophy above! Makes me feel brighter days are ahead!


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                      u haul msg boards

                      since you are now a fellow dealer, sign up and become a user on the uhaul msg questions/concerns/etc and learn from the many helpful people with a lot of years of experience that post's a great place to hop onto with a quick question about the way something does or doesn't work...


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                        Ok, great. Please link me!


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                          msg boards

                          you already have a "link"...when you sign in, before you go to webbest, click on the far right tab ""contact"...then on the next page click on "message boards" and there you are! i use the same sign in name on the msg boards as here......jump right in and introduce yourself!


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                            This has all been very helpful info. U-haul has been talking to us for about a month now about becoming the dealer for our area, We are suppose to meet with them this weekend and go over everything, I'm thinking it would be a plus to have U-Haul at our site and a good promotion for potential storage renters, and I would much rather they have to come to me for a truck then to a storage competitor. Plus right now we use a stand alone version of sitelink and we are really considering going with U-Hauls storage software, the savings we would have on the credit card part alone would almost pay for the monthly charges. Plus I can set-up for our storage customers to pay online, which is something I have been wanting to have since we put up our web site, but just have not found a way to do that thru our curent software.
                            Anyone have anymore useful thoughts or info about U-hauls truck rental or storage software please let me know.



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                              u haul rentals

                              If you are a storage place and have u-hauls, you can sign up to have what they call a co-star truck......they image it with your image/phone # and it is a truck that stays at your location....i don't know if you have to be a dealer for a certain amount of time first, but we have 2: a 14 foot and a 17 foot and not only do they advertise for you all around town, if you keep them busy enough and the expenses stay low, you can earn a bonus at the end of the year. On the storage you set your own peramiters about accepting downloaded reservations (there is a fee), etc...make sure you get all your info entered in as quick as you can (it's a pain, but worth it).......i would be happy to talk with you over the phone to answer any questions/concerns you might have...tell the AFM that talks to you that you want to talk to dealer #41284 and he can give you my phone #!!


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                                Very good info. Thanks Sharon, we will ask about the truck, that would be great advertising for us. We are suppose to meet with them sometime this weekend, we'll see how that goes, if we have some concerns or questions after we talk to them I may just give you a call. Do you use there storage software?
                                Thanks again for the help.


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