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    WSS system

    Yes, we do use their storage system, we like it...pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it......if you use their system, you don't have to pay any monthly fee for having the co-star truck with your advertising on it. And if you have a web page and let them put their link onto your page, you will not have to pay the $5 fee per reservation that you are downloaded (that can up to a substantial savings as you get busy..especially during the summer)...


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      Becoming a U-Haul Dealer is a great source of ancillary income and a great compliment to your primary business.

      The software I believe you are referring to is WebSelfStorage. When you become a U-Haul dealer, there are many additional benefits you will receive with WebSelfStorage. We also have non-U-Haul dealers utilizing WebSelfStorage as well. I would be happy to speak with you about the details of the program. I have included my contact information below and look forward to answering any questions you have.


      Casey Huberty
      Marketing Manager
      eMove Storage Affiliate Program


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        Yes it is Webstorage, and from what others have been saying that have used it, they seem to like it very well, hopefully we will get to meet with our area U-Haul rep. this weekend to go over everything, we have been trying for a month now to meet up but he has had some issues that has prevented that from happening. I already have a guy lined out to handle the U-Haul end of things, so we are just waiting for a meeting, thanks Casey and Sharon for the support and info, I'll let you know how things go once we talk to the rep.


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          If the u-haul rep doesn't get with you this week-end, please let me know ASAP...I know who to call and what buttons to push
          this is a good time to get started with u-haul, b/c it is a slower season and you will know what you're doing by the time the spring/summer/back to school next fall rush begins....


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            Will do, so far have not heard from him this week, I'm going to try and call him this evening and see whats up, I know he wants us to be the local dealer because he called several times at first to try and talk us into it.


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              well we met with our U-haul rep. today, and we have put in an application on line to be a dealer. Which he is going to approve.
              There were a few charges that I wasn't aware of, first the is a $10 a month charge to acces there web B.E.S.T. site, and a $10 to $20 monthly charge to have them forward the calls to our phone line. does this sound right?
              He also said we would have to get a certain amount of business in order to have a co-star truck with our advertising.
              Looks like we have a lot to learn.


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                I just wanted to throw in that we became Penske Agents back in August. I have had no issue with Penske whatsoever. We do have a great district manager, so maybe we are lucky. We did have a LOT to learn! But I am totally comfortable with it now. But it was frustrating in the beginning ( I don't like not knowing what I'm doing! I am so Type A)

                Upside to Truck Rentals, yes we have had more storage rentals as a direct result and our box sales have doubled!! Good Luck and keep us posted.
                Stephanie Tharpe
                A+ Management Group, LP
                Nashville, TN

                TNSSA Board of Directors


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                  We are just waiting for the approval now, I think our district manager is out hunting this week so maybe next week before approval. Things slow down a lot here in Arkansas during hunting season.
                  Once we get approved we will all have to do some online training and start getting ready to go live.
                  U-haul has a lot of things to offer other then truck rental, such as the Webstorage software and the whole Emove system, so we have to try and figure out all that stuff too. I can see were we can benifit a lot from the different things they offer, besides the extra storage rentals we will pic up.
                  Looking forward to getting this going


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                    Cramalot, you can buy boxes and other ancillaries pretty cheaply from UHaul, also. Depending on how much competition you have for moving supplies in your area, you can adjust the prices on boxes from UHaul. You, of course, do not have to use their suggested retail.
                    Bob Taylor (Astro)
                    Blue Ridge Self Storage
                    Cashiers, NC

                    Disclaimer: What Gina said....'cause the the cheese fell of my cracker.


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                      Yea we talked about boxes, I bought a bunch of other packing supplies about a year ago that has set on the shelf and collected dusk, so we were a little afraid to invest much in boxes to start with, but our district guy said he would bring a few to get set up and just see how it does. Our district manager has been very helpful and straight forward about things, I think we our going to like working with him.


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                        welcome to our orange world!

                        welcome to uhaul land! once you are live on line, they have dealer boards that you can post questions, vent, chat ...i have learned a lot of them from other fellow dealers. have your afm show you how to access them when he sets you up...i think it is one of the least used tools among new dealers and they are really missing the boat not posting there b/c there is years of experience with people just waiting to help you.....the storage boards on the webstorage are SLOW, but the regular u-haul boards keep moving along. i think you might see your box sales go up like the other poster said once you have the truck rentals going on...i sell some boxes/moving supplies at their suggested retail cost and some below their suggested cost..get some nice banner/road side sleeve signage when you open from you afm...and post on those boards.....looking forward to seeing you "over there"...i use the same name on those boards too.


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                          Thanks Sharon

                          Looking forward to being part of the group, hopefully things will get moving soon.


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                            Were going to go live with the U-Haul dealership probably at the end of this week, that's not set in stone yet, but were getting close. Looking into the webselfstorage now to try and get it set up, U-haul has so many things going on it's going to take a while to get it all figured out and see what all will benifit us. But overall I think it's going to be a very good thing for us.


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                              We went live with U-Haul last friday and there bringing our trucks and trailers and all the other stuff to us this friday. There is still a lot to learn and I'm sure we are going to have a pretty good learning curve before we know how the whole system works, but I've been inpressed at how well organized U-haul is and how their system is set up. We have webselfstorage now but it has some bugs in our program that they are trying to get worked out for us, hopefully they will have it fixed soon. I think we are going to like the program once it's up and running.
                              I'm glad we went with U-Haul they have so many branches of products to offer customers, such as storage insurance, supplies and online account information.


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                                dealer boards

                                Welcome to orange land! After the sign in page, find the "contacts" page and then the dealer boards....join in and find a lot of wisdom and opinions (!)...everyone there is so helpful to offer advise (sometimes it's even correct!)...helpful hints...etc....i post on there under the same user name, so come on over and join in!


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