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Truck Rental - Uhaul Penske Budget

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    Thanks Sharon

    I have been on there and read a lot of the postings, but have not posted yet,
    Still trying to learn the system.


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      I have worked with U haul and currently Penske.

      U haul was just AWFUL (sorry I know alot have good experiences) Our AFM and all of the district people were of no help, we had to beg fro trucks and furthermore since they will indeed plant one on every corner at times you feel like a 'call center' for them as some times you will make the reservation for U haul yet they will give it to another location is it is more convenient for them, even though it is OUR storage customer that want to move from my location. This sometimes (alot) was changed last nim without them 'ok'ing' it with the customer this resulting with the customer at my door and me with no truc and we all know how people feel when they have to run around on moving day (oh the joys of calming them) The trucks we had (again great if your u haul is going great!) were old and clunky and the designated truck we had with our logo was the oldest, rattiest peice of junk that I have ever had to rent from the dents to the torn seat.

      I now rent Penske and in my area (atleast) it is whole nother 'animal'. They hike us trucks whether its a day notice or a few hours, I call my district rep and he gets it done. The trucks are VERY well kept and since they do not 'slap' one on every corner they can, we get far more reservations than we did with u haul. The closest one to me is in another CITY not the next block, thus we do in a week with Penske what we did in a MONTH with U haul. I can say that u haul paperwork was pretty much nothing compared to Penskes (altho Penskes match game weekly ARB is far from rocket science) And the trucks that Penske has have the WORST seats that are stained (Mostly the bench seats) but they do offer air fresheners so they always smell good. Penske has deisel and lift gates and customers like that, far more commercial rentals than I had with U haul.

      My two cents
      No Good Deed Goes Unpunished


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        Glad to be here finally!

        Gday, hows everybody on this excellent great community doing these days? Pleased I can be a part of the online community and I look onward to quite a few superb experiences here!


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          I love this place!

          Hi there, hows every body at this excellent fantastic forum doing right now? Happy I can be a component of the online community and I look forward to several beneficial experiences here!


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            Re: I love this place!

            Originally posted by BedlinerBob View Post
            Hi there, hows every body at this excellent fantastic forum doing right now? Happy I can be a component of the online community and I look forward to several beneficial experiences here!
            Hi "BB", welcome aboard!!! Just getting on-line today as I had a relatively cooler morning here in NC & spent the morning blowing the leaves & such off the asphalt (things the last 2 storms left behind). It's almost 80 degrees, which is much better than it has been here for July & into August! I'm feeling quite accomplished (until the next rain hits us, probably this's kindof like NEVER get caught up!)

            Have you been reading the forum awhile b4 you decided to post? That's usually the norm for here....what state are you located? How long have you been in the storage industry?

            Look forward to hearing your stories We all have some dillies!!!

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              Re: Truck Rental - Uhaul Penske Budget

              I have not had personal experience working with renting U-Haul or Penske but have heard horror stories from people who have. Currently the company I work for has a truck that they own out right. They rent it out with new move-ins.....sometimes for free as well as offer it to people who do not neccessarily need storage. It seems to get a lot of attention and keeps people coming back to both my sister location and mine. Having a truck available definitely helps seal the deal with a potential customer because most people need something to move their stuff from point A to point B and sometimes C. Not only does it help customers it also generates a lot of business just from driving it around town. People look at the truck and read what it says so its just another way to get your name out there. Does anyone else have a truck like my location has? How has it worked out for you?
              Some of the horror stories I have heard from my friends are that the trucks are always dirty, they never have the size truck people need, they go weeks without any trucks at all, paperwork is outrageous, etc.

              Cross Creek Self Storage Manager
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                Re: Truck Rental - Uhaul Penske Budget

                We are a Budget location - and generate about $25K a month in rentals.

                PROS - (1) lots of military transfers in/out (Military prefer Budget to UHaul or Penske) give us storage referrals consistently

                CONS - (1) getting Budget corporate to approve service that is needed. (2) take too long to pay out on a transfer we do ourselves. (3) other dealers who rent out trucks that should NOT be on the road.

                In general - it takes a lot of 1 managers' time to keep up with the truck rentals. We hire a PT maintenance person to make up for the lost time of 1 of the managers. We have over 1000 storage units + the truck rentals, so we are ususally busy. Budget does bring in storage customers, but it is a headache to keep the trucks maintained as they should be.

                We are the busiest in our DPM's region, and he backs us up when needed, but having to fight to get a truck serviced or bring in trucks to rent when needed should not be our problem. Terry and I refuse to send a truck out if it needs repairs - even if it means we loose the revenue.

                Our location is excellent - we have a convenience store with gas & diesel behind us plus a good diesel truck service vendor in town. If we did not, it would make the truck rentals a bigger pain that they are worth.

                Our company does pay us a bonus based on truck rentals each month, but it is minimal compaired to the time invested in running a clean hi-volume Budget dealership.
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                  Re: Truck Rental - Uhaul Penske Budget

                  Hey, I am looking for truck hiring company in Uhaul for my cousin sister. She want to move around 100 km with their stuff and she is willing to pay 500$ for the whole trip.If there is any truck hiring company who can provide their service.. Please send information.
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                    Re: Truck Rental - Uhaul Penske Budget

                    I had to just quickly chime in and say we have Budget here where I work. Eventhough I do not enjoy renting trucks ...Budget has been pretty good to us. They are low hassle and it is a quick rental process. Hope this helps =]


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                      Re: Truck Rental - Uhaul Penske Budget

                      We just got out of budget, it was a pain, our inventory manager was always taking our trucks and giving them to the bigger citys, and when we needed trucks because he took them all we could never get them. It got to the point we had to refuse to give our trucks away just so we could rent them. Then if its within 25.00 miles they make you pick the truck up, and their is no gas reimbursement so thats out of your own pocket. So if you have to pick up a truck 25 miles away for a local only going 4 miles total you just lost money and it happens a lot. Then you have the time spent constantly checking the trucks over dealing with tons of phone calls people wasting your time asking questions about pricing and mileage ect all day long. Then you have people come in talk for an hour act like they are wanting the truck then leave. Then you have the weekly reports that have to be done perfectly and mailed by a certain time or you lose your commission for the week what super tiny small percentage they give you. Budget does no work and makes 83% of the profit. Also you have to sell a certain amount of insurance both liablility and damage as well as accessories like dollys and pads or you lose your commission. Basically Budget looks for a way not to pay you, they have the smallest fleet so you can never get trucks when you need them which leads to disappointed customers walking from your business then it gives your storage unit a bad name.

                      Im so glad we got rid of budget now I can spend my whole day working on my storage facility rather then spending 6 hours dealing with budget crap and 2 hours trying to take care of my wonderful tenants. Not worth the little bit that you might make from budget, 17%=170,000 to make 17,000 for the year plus taxes which would break down to just over an extra 1,000 per month if you could do 170,000 a year we did 13,000 last year which broke down to like 150.00 a month in the end not worth it, ill go sell one 10x30 and be done with it.

                      Good luck in your decision,



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                        Re: Truck Rental - Uhaul Penske Budget

                        i have been a uhaul dealer for 15 years.......
                        the bottom line is "DO it the UHAUL WAY or quit
                        I have had my share of defective equipment
                        there is no repair facility within a 3 hour drive
                        what you receive in (and clean for free) is what you rent - no transfers
                        30+ uhaul reps in 15 years
                        Uhaul has NEVER said thank you for a job well done
                        However I earn $27,500 per year in commission, so I continue to HO on for Uhaul
                        Uhaul is slow paying repair bills
                        Local mechanic shop will no longer service uhaul equipment
                        the web based rental software is changed nearly weekly and you must pay $10/month to use their software and pay for a isp connection and pay for the phone line


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                          Re: Truck Rental - Uhaul Penske Budget

                          storage rentals from uhaul customers are VERY SHORT TERM
                          and many come with a Uhaul one month free certificate.

                          Therefore, if you participate in the uhaul free month program, , you are giving free rent a month of the 2-6 week average uhaul tenure rental,

                          Much more wear and tear on the units with high turnover

                          Also, the percentage of 'difficult' customers is much higher with uhaul customers than with storage customers


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                            Re: Truck Rental - Uhaul Penske Budget

                            Let's talk $$$$$$ a local rental that drives 20 miles @ 79 cents and $20 per day costs the consumer $35+ tax
                            The Uhaul commission is 15% or $5.25

                            For this commission I cleaned the truck, checked the fluids, recorded damage, input data to the computer, generated a rental contract etc

                            If I sell a OW rental for $800 and someone else rents the truck, I get 1/2 of 15% of $800 or $60

                            You must decide if you have time to earn revenue at this rate.......


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                              Re: Truck Rental - Uhaul Penske Budget

                              REVENUE ESTIMATE

                              Net truck & trailer rental commission is about $1 per capita per year

                              If you are the only dealer in a 50,000 person community, you can earn about $50,000/year, however there may well be a need to share the $50,000 with budget et al

                              Also, Uhaul policy is ONE DEALER PER 5000 POPULATION so they will try very hard to have a u haul dealer on every corner the effect is to share the $50,,, among many


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                                Re: Truck Rental - Uhaul Penske Budget

                                have been a uhaul dealer for 12 years now. some good experiences and some not so good. some down right bad. a good relationship is a two way street. the same goes for uhaul/dealer relationships. if you have a good repor with your traffic dept, your area field manager, and your marketing company president, ususally things run well. we have been fortunate to have an excellent field manager who believes in taking care of his dealers as well as the customer as well as uhaul. we have a great repore with our trafic dept. over the years we have had several differant marketing company presidents. some put emphasis on dealer relations, some on uhaul center operations, some on customer relations, some on their own careers. (just like in any corporate environment).the goal is to work with the tools at hand at the time. as a member of the missouri self storage owners association, and a past president, i have found myself at most times to be uhauls biggest cheerleader. unfortunately there have been times when i could not in good conscience be that cheerleader. (again, just like any corporate environment). i am still a uhaul dealer. overall it has been a good ride.
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