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Advice on Adding Wine Storage

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  • Advice on Adding Wine Storage

    Great article from an operator who has several profit centers, including wine storage. Find out how to determine if it'll work in your market and get advice on being successful.
    Amy Campbell
    Inside Self-Storage
    [email protected]


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    I did see it NOT work in an area, and the facility added a nice area for "wine tasting" I said when we went to look at it with the chamber, its a great idea, but most people that can afford that wine would probably have some kind of room built and lets get serious... what person would say, "hey, come to my storage with me, we can have a wine tasting there..." it is just not going to happen, that facility turned the "wine storage" into" office storage" for paperwork etc. Maybe it works some places... It didn't there. I say if they have the money for that special stay a certain temp wine, they have the money to build something at their home.


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