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Legal question about auctions in Arkansas

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  • Legal question about auctions in Arkansas

    Legal question - If a tenant hasn't paid in 3 months and I can not get a hold of them and I have sent a certified letter, can I sell the contents of the unit to a person( who cleans out units) or do I have to hold an auction? Does anyone else sell the contents to one person rather than hold an auction?

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    First: Welcome to the forum Twincrazy2! Second: If you are going to be in this business you need to become familiar with the Arkansas state storage statutes and get in touch with Arkansas SSA-Self Storage Association. I would be that you can have an auction long before 3 months. I would also be your state says you have to have an auction if the value of the unit contents is over a certain amount, after being inspected by a qualified rep of the facility. If it is below a certain amount of value the state may allow you to dispose of the unit contents in whatever way you see fit to do. If it has a value over a certain amount you have to have an auction. Some states require a minimum amount of auction buyers to be considered a legal auction attempt. Here in Oregon it just says if we receive no bids at auction we can dispose of contents as we see fit. Become aware of the state's statutes asap or ask a lawyer that represents the facility what to do. If you want for a bit I am sure someone from Arkansas will chime in with your answer.
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      Hello, for the Arkansas statute, certified mail is not valid for the notice, it needs to be first class mail with certificate of mailing (if your rental agreement states that certified mail will be used, you may be ok) The full statute is available at

      18-16-407 Talks about the requirements for the sale

      I have an easier to read version on the site in my signature.
      : 18-16-409. Notices -- Method of delivery.

      (a) Unless otherwise specifically provided, all notices required by this subchapter shall be sent by first class mail with certificate of mailing.

      (b) (1) Notices sent to the operator shall be sent to the self-service storage facility where the occupant's property is stored.

      (2) Notices to the occupant shall be sent to the occupant at the occupant's last known address.

      (3) Notices shall be deemed delivered when deposited with the United States Postal Service, properly addressed as provided in 18-16-407(a) with postage prepaid.

      HISTORY: Acts 1987, No. 576, 4; 2011, No. 189, 2.
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        Thanks for the input! We recently bought this storage facility and I am about as green as they come to running a storage business! I will look over the Arkansas's statutes tonight. I am sure I will have more questions! I really appreciate your quick responses! Did I mention I am about as green as they come when running a storage business!! HA


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          Twincrazy2, ams is in California and is the gospel for statutes delivery. I think he is in California? Anyway, become very familiar with those Arkansas statutes because you will need to run your facility as per them to protect yourself. People that are "green" need to do that!

          Oregon statute for lien notification is way more forgiving: 87.689-The owner shall notify the occupant of the foreclosure and sale by sending registered or certified mail or other verified mail to the occupant's last known address or by sending electronic mail to the occupant's last known address.
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