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To Vacate or Not to Vacate: The Hawaii Situation

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  • To Vacate or Not to Vacate: The Hawaii Situation

    "More than 600 customers of Waikiki Self Storage in Hawaii are waiting to hear if they need to move their belongings out of storage due to possible eviction of the facility. Tenants received a call on Monday indicating the facility might be shut down and they should empty their units.

    "On Monday, customers found the storage office completely empty―including the lights―and an eviction notice posted on the door. On Wednesday the companyís corporate headquarters issued a second call saying the facility will stay open; now tenants arenít sure what to do."

    More from ISS.

    Bizarre situation here -- and I imagine some pretty angry customers. If you're the manager here or if you're Corporate, how do you handle?
    John Carlisle
    Community Manager Emeritus
    Still a Big Fan of Self-Storage!

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    John I read this article on ISS yesterday. What a bizarre situation! I don't have an answer but I am definitely interested to see what becomes of this. Please keep us updated!
    Stephanie Tharpe
    A+ Management Group, LP
    Nashville, TN

    TNSSA Board of Directors


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      I really hate it when the "big guys" are playing chicken and us little guys get caught in the middle of it.
      Jamestown, ND

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        I'm confused and must have missed something. What does the landlord own? The building? The land? In which case why would you put the money into a storage project/conversion for a short 5 year lease? Even in Hawaii with limited land and resources, was that really a smart business decision? You can't just pick up a storage and move it down the street.
        Gina 6k
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          Re: To Vacate or Not to Vacate: The Hawaii Situation

          This is the time you increase your customer's rental and blame it on the landlord.


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