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Teleconferenced Meeting - May 22, 2008

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  • Teleconferenced Meeting - May 22, 2008

    To extend the reach of the ISSA the May 22, 2008 meeting will be teleconferenced statewide. All members of the ISSA unable to attend the physical meeting will be able to participate by phone. We will be sending out additional details of the meeting on May 12, 2008.

    Date May 22, 2008
    Time 10am (Mountain Time)

    Agenda Items:
    • Teleconference Meetings
    • Nomination/Election of Officers
    • 2008 Conference Update
    • Legislative Action Committee
    • Redress By-Laws (Fees, Due Date)
    • Special Presentation

    Please contact Michael at (208) 919-0771 for more information and how to participate.

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    Hi Michael. Thank you for sharing this announcement! I have also posted this to the Idaho section of the ISS online calendar for you:
    Teri L. Lanza
    Editorial Director
    Inside Self-Storage


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      Thanks Teri!!!

      We are excited to see how the teleconference works out for us. Idaho, like many other states, is very large and the membership is scattered throughout. Most members haven't been able to attend our meetings and we really want to serve them to the best of our abilities. So, we are testing the process and hope it will be successful.

      Does anyone know of other state associations having teleconferenced meetings?


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