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Illinois SSA to Work with Lobbyists to Fight Service Tax

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  • Illinois SSA to Work with Lobbyists to Fight Service Tax

    The proposed service tax on self-storage has met opposition from the state association, which has now contracted with lobby firm Cook-Witter. The association is asking for a $100 pledge from its members to pay the firm.

    Would you contribute to your state association to ward off potentially damaging legislation?
    John Carlisle
    Community Manager Emeritus
    Still a Big Fan of Self-Storage!

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    I am originally from Southern Illinois and I am actually going home this weekend to visit my mother. My parents are business owners up there and I know the state is in dire straits financially. They are one of the 9 states that are still suffering from the recession terribly. I hope the ss people up there can fight the tax on storage.

    If it were the case in Texas or Tennessee, I am sure our owners would jump right in and pay the $100. In my opinion, it would be worth every penny.
    Stephanie Tharpe
    Senior VP of Operations
    A+ Storage of Tennessee, LLC
    Nashville, TN

    TNSSA Board of Directors


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