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Any new laws in IL?

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  • Any new laws in IL?

    Hi - I've been out of the storage industry for about 2-3 years, but am getting back into it as a multi-unit manager. Does anyone know if there are any new laws in IL over the past couple of years that I should be aware of? Thanks for your input!

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    Check in with the Illinois SSA


    The place that I would check in with is the Illinois SSA. Exec. Dir. Mike Lane and the Board of Directors are really on top of things across the State. Their contact information follows. Welcome back!


    Illinois Self Storage Association
    225 E. Cook St.
    Springfield, IL 62704
    Phone: 217.528.5230
    Fax: 217.241.4683
    Contact: Michael Lane

    Learning Never Ends, But Will Time?


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      I am so envious of your return! I was the manager of a 198 unit facility in California for 18 months , and brought the percentage of rented units up from around 60% to just one unit short of a full-house during that time. It was only because the owner was not behaving legally that I felt it best to leave, and there are not that many opportunities in east central Illinois for even a good-to-great manager. Enjoy your position for both of us!


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