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New in SELFSTORAGE market

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  • New in SELFSTORAGE market


    My name is Gustavo from Mexico City, we are open from july 08 and this months were great, but january was bad and february is going bad. Is this normaly? Is any thing to do about it? New promotions, gifts or else? Thanks for your experience

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    Welcome Gustavo.

    It is slow season for rentals, and yes it is normal.

    Things will pick up eventually. When the weather is warmer and nicer people move about more.

    Read through this forum and you will find plenty of ideas for marketing and promotional ideas. Best wishes.
    Gina 6k
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      Welcome to the forum - this place is full of information, ideas and even some humor to get you through the day.

      If the economy in Mexico City is anything like it is up here in the US it may be rough for a while.

      Good luck with your new facility!
      Jamestown, ND

      All arguments can be resolved ... with high explosives and Humor!!!


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        Unfortunately you may experience some slower months than others but really until you have been open for at least a year you may not know which ones are better/worse. hang in there, the spring seems to be better for most of our facilities.
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          Hi from La paz

          Hi Gustavo l own the storage facility in La Paz over here in Baja california Sur so far this year for us things have gone well and the renters just keep comeing as of yet we have not had any problems with loss of customers. We have had an increace in rents so far this year of about 10 % over the last to be honest this is down slightly from the last. But as a whole things have been verry good. We have had the facility here since 1997 and have expanded every year since.

          Good luck to you in the comeing year.



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            Welcome to the forum! I encourage you to check out the vast ISS archives for articles on marketing, discounts, promotions, etc. This link will take you to the main page where the articles are archived according to topic:


            Please keep us posted on your facility's progress.
            Amy Campbell
            Inside Self-Storage
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