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Occupancy rate in a new market

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    Re: Occupancy rate in a new market

    Originally posted by DeeUKStorage View Post
    This is a really interesting thread for me as we are a new business in the UK, and I have been wondering lately whether our increase in occupancy has been relatively slow, quick, or about average?

    While self storage is definitely becoming more and more popular over here, it is obviously nowhere near US levels. So I think I am fairly pleased with taking our occupancy from 0% up to 33% in 6 months. And of all of our customers who have moved in, only 6 have moved out again - the rest just keep on staying!

    0-33% in 6 months? Good, bad or middling?? What do you guys think? Enquiries are certainly up, more people are phoning/coming in every week and last week we took record takings so I think it's looking good for the future

    I'll keep an eye on this thread as there are such similarities between certain markets, with Europe/Asia being a prime example.

    Thanks for everyone's input!
    Your doing very well, keep it up and you will be fine.
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