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Brits Regret Throwing Stuff Away

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  • Brits Regret Throwing Stuff Away

    Surveys show that the people of the U.K. are packrats at heart, which bodes well for the self-storage industry.

    To our users from across the pond: Have you observed this kind of behavior?
    John Carlisle
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    Well, I'm not a Brit, but I can sure relate! Maybe we should tranfer this post?

    I for one have had many situations, where in the heat of the moment, during a purge, I throw a bunch of stuff away. (Being in ss, I see too many peeps keep icky stuff).

    It always seems that down the line, I end up looking for some of these things, wondering where they are? I do indeed miss them!
    The customer isn't always right, the trick is making them think they are!



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      Re: Brits Regret Throwing Stuff Away

      Sometimes it is good to give away some items that you do not need, but if you find the items classic, and find some use for them within the next 6-7 months, then it is best to keep these. In particular, I would keep items that are only used seasonal like winter clothes, etc. Winter fashion for men does not really change a lot, unlike women’s. So, I would find storage for these, and try to use vacuum packaging so that I would save more space. I encounter clients who have done the same, where they would have their winter gear stored in our facilities in Northern Beaches, as well as surfing gear and would take these out during the season. If they decide to throw away some items, they make sure that the make a list of what they have thrown, so that they don’t go around like a headless chicken looking for these.
      Cameron Robertson - Self Storage Northern Beaches


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