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To our Extended Japanese Self Storage Family!

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  • To our Extended Japanese Self Storage Family!

    I've been watching the Japanese feeds as the damage from yesterdays massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake and ensuing tsunami are realized.

    All the best to all those in Japan and to our extended Storage Family in Japan. They are such a great group of people and I wish them the best as they deal with aftermath of all that is happening!

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    Re: To our Extended Japanese Self Storage Family!


    Let me join your sentiments at this time of national tragedy for the people of Japan. All of our thoughts and prayers rise up for them at this time.

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      Re: To our Extended Japanese Self Storage Family!

      Madman, I knew you were watching as we were both on Twitter. Thank you for starting this thread. Latest news says we are on tsunami watch for a 12 hour period which began at 7:30 PST. Highway 92, Half Moon Bay just re-opened

      Everyone please keep the people of Japan in your hearts and prayers.
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