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A Good Storage Solution

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  • A Good Storage Solution

    Storing of goods can be for long period or short period. Also while storing your goods you have to be careful about the climate needed to store various things. What if you get storing, moving and house removal together? The Box is a storage facility in Dubai which provides you with all these services.

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    Re: A Good Storage Solution

    We look forward to your contributions to SST.

    Are there many other storage companies in Dubai? Are you a busy facility? Please tell us more about your business and yourself.


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      Re: A Good Storage Solution

      If you are looking for storage outside of your own base country, it is best to consider looking at various aspects. Of course, shipping your items over requires a lot of planning and expense, and it would be best to look for a storage facility on the other side of the world that has a good existing relationship with your shipping company. Sometimes, having both would give you a good discount. I know some shipping companies from outside sending items to Australia have existing relationships with storage facilities (I know of some that have good ties with Manly and Northern Beaches facilities). This is because of strict regulations of shipping inwards in Australia, too. Thus, apart from the cost, insurance, temperature control, safety and security, it is also good to including handling and shipping to the target destination in your research.
      Cameron Robertson - Self Storage Northern Beaches


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