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  • Panel Internacional

    En la Exposición de la ISS en marzo, la ISS será el anfitrión de un panel internacional de todo el mundo, incluyendo Canadá. Este es un buen momento para conocer a algunos nuevos amigos internacionales, así como ver a su país representado en el panel. Únase a nosotros el miércoles por un gran momento.
    Si usted no es capaz de hacerlo, pero me gustaría una pregunta planteada al panel, enviarme un correo electrónico o publicarla aquí y voy a hacerlo lo mejor posible como moderador para obtener una respuesta.
    Espero verlos ahí!
    RK Kliebenstein
    Vice President of Business Development
    Metro Storage LLC
    847 387-2943

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  • Griz326
    Reply to Market saturation???
    Building incrementally is tough.

    * Building a storage unit ain't cheap.
    * It is a nearly irreversible commitment to a certain type of development.

    It is the commitment to a certain type of land development that most concerns me.
    Yesterday, 11:24 PM
    Reply to Customers who sneak out before gate lockout
    Yes, being able to send people to collections would pretty much totally reduce my stress in these situations (knowing they wouldn't get away with it), but although our management company (of which I'm an employee, btw, not a partner) has not yet set this up. I do plan to bring it up to the relevant...
    Yesterday, 09:53 PM
  • pacnwstorage
    Reply to Customers who sneak out before gate lockout
    I would send him to collections asap and get that set up, which takes a day. Secondly I would leave a detailed review about him and his company at any number of business review sites. Mainly about him because you have no dealings with his business. Next I would wait for him outside his business and...
    Yesterday, 09:16 PM