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Locker Locker Self Storage NOW OPEN in Shenzhen China

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  • Locker Locker Self Storage NOW OPEN in Shenzhen China

    Locker Locker has just opened their first location in China, with a state of the art, modernized facility in Shenzhen, Guangdong province.

    With over 1200 square meters, state of the art HDTV Honeywell video surveillance system and the most friendly and knowledgeable staff, Locker Locker is looking to be the leader in Self-Storage facilities in Mainland China.

    Locker Locker founders are made up of local Shenzhen business , and since the idea of self-storage came from abroad, Canadian and British team members we’re brought in to help develop the company. With the self-storage industry beginning to take root in China as people begin to look for places to stash their excess valuables and commercial goods, Locker Locker wishes to be ahead of the curve, leverage western knowledge and begin to solve a new dilemma for urban residents; too much stuff and not enough space.

    20130628_173147.jpg20130621_211730.jpg 20130621_211812.jpg

    The website at will be up and running shortly, so please feel free to check it out in the near future.

    Thanks and have a GREAT day!!!

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    Re: Locker Locker Self Storage NOW OPEN in Shenzhen China



    I just hope the Google translation welcomed you to the Community. It is exciting news about the opening of your storage complex. I love the QR Code on your web page. Look forward to getting progress reports as the lease-up starts. Best of luck and again welcome.

    Learning Never Ends, But Will Time?


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      Re: Locker Locker Self Storage NOW OPEN in Shenzhen China

      Congrats on your entry into the world of SELF STORAGE! I'd love to see more pictures and I look forward to hearing how things go in China!



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        Locker Locker is excited to be attending the SSA Spring Conference & Trade Show in New Orleans!!!!!!
        Now with 5 locations, we are looking forward to leaning more about the industry as well as how we can further expand in our market.

        Self storage is rapidly growing in China with Locker Locker being one of the leaders.
        We hope to meet a lot of people and learn more about expanding and some of the do's and don'ts of growing our business,

        Hope to see you all there



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