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    Any one interested in an Iowa Self-Storage Association? What are your thoughts?

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    We used to run the Iowa Self Storage Association but it died off years ago due to lack of interest. I don't think anyone in our company really has to time atm to start it up again, but we would participate in meetings and what not if it got started up again.


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    • pacnwstorage
      Reply to Tell me I am wrong
      by pacnwstorage
      I knew I was right about all this. Here on the west coast it is worse than in other places. You get the groups together that are still doing the riots in Portland and Seattle and that emboldens others to do anything they want and the city politicians let it happen. What kind of society is that? It is...
      Today, 02:08 PM
    • Mark C
      Reply to Standard Rental Rates - Better Way To Figure Them Out
      by Mark C
      Rates are what I am finalizing now. Prices everywhere here are going up. I set ours up a couple of months ago. We are about a month away from opening our doors. We have nearly 10' ceilings in our units (taller buildings), led lighting on timers in all units, roughly 25 cameras that cover 100% of the...
      Today, 01:31 PM
    • KrisinWA
      Reply to Tell me I am wrong
      by KrisinWA
      There were riots in Seattle (actually still going on every week) but the one I'm referring to was when the guy stole an AR-15 rifle from a police car which was then set on fire (the car). This guy had the gun forcibly taken from him by a former Marine, now bodyguard for Q13 Fox.
      Man who did this...
      Yesterday, 07:09 PM