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    has anyone in louisiana ever auctioned an rv or other titled vehicle recently? the new lein law booklet does not say that i can auction it says have it towed off property. if i do that i get no money . if you have done an auction please let me know how you sold it. for parts or did you get title

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    Your last statement made me wonder. Do you not already have a copy of the title or registration?
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      Your state Governor signed in to law this and should help you. Did it May of 2016-

      "Likewise, sales no longer have to be conducted in person as auctions and can be conducted on publicly accessible websites that conduct personal property auctions. This is the same style of website described above as the replacement for advertising. An additional terrific change is that the Legislature has now granted the Operator permission to tow a motor vehicle, watercraft, or trailer in lieu of foreclosing the lien. In Louisiana, it had been difficult to get title to these types of vehicles in order to be able to properly sell them and many stored vehicles had liens on them, making it impossible to sell them, and you had few other options. Towing is now permitted by any tower licensed pursuant to the Louisiana Towing and Storage Act, once rent and other charges remain unpaid for sixty (60) days."

      So if you have no title or registration, don't know if has a lien against it or if the actual current legal title/registration has more than the tenant's name on it, then you can be done with it and have it towed away.

      "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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        I think OP's major issue is that "Yeah, I can have it towed away, but how does that get me back any of the money I'm owed?"

        I guess in this case there's nothing you can do if you don't have title. You can write it off on your taxes though, I suppose.

        And if you want to take the time to fill out a form and you have the tenant's social security number, you can send a form to the I.R.S. for a "forgiven debt" and the I.R.S. counts that as income for the tenant and will go after the ex-tenant for taxes on it.


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          i do have a copy of the title but that doesnt mean that i can sell it. yes i can tow it but then i dont get any money


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            Depending on the tower and the value of the RV the tow company will tow for free and hold the RV for ransom till paid. If it is a junker then they will likely pass. I don't understand how you cannot sell it if you have the copy of a title. Do a title search at the DMV and see if another person is on the title or if has a lien on it. If so then notify them of the impending sale. I am sure some other facility manager or your state SSA can walk you thru the state statutes for selling the RV. I can assure you, you can get rid of it.
            "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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