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  • Hello from Louisiana

    Looks like I am the lone ranger from Louisiana. If there are any other Louisianians in the family, please stand up. I feel so alone.

    We (my father and I) are developing a Boat and RV Storage facility in Northwest Louisiana (Shreveport-Bossier area). We hope to open March 1, and will have about 100,000 sq. ft. of space under cover, 45,000 sq. ft open, and 60,000 sq. ft. in future covered storage.

    As we are new to the industry, we have MANY questions and look forward sharing information with this group.

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    Welcome form California -- the land of fruits and nuts
    Jamestown, ND

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      Hi Jules

      Sounds like a big project. You might want to look at attorney Jeff Greenberger's site Self Storage In his Article Archives he has several excellent articles on RV and Boat storage. Although located in Ohio, Jeff was selected to write the state-wide RV and Boat lease for the Texas Self Storage Association. He can be an excellent resource for anyone doing RV and boat storage. Best of luck with your project.

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        The planning stage is an excellent time to consider if a wireless tower (cell tower) site might be in your future. Unless you have a brand new cell tower within 1/2 mile (and sometimes even then), your new facility might be a great location for a cell site. Tower sites and self-storage facilites tend to be permitted in the same types of zoning districts - higher than basic commercial, all the way through manufacturing.

        Your planning could be as simple as thinking about where you might place a tower, to considering distances from utilities and access routes. A large open area is preferable to wireless companies, but not necessarily required. the key to bringing a deal home if you're successful in creating interest in your property is being the "friendly landlord". This doesn't mean giving in on every point, but involves an attitude that makes decisions at a rapid pace, combined with flexibility and basically communicating that you want the deal and you are willing to work with them from day one. The opposite approach would be adversarial in nature, which has its place in certain negotiations, but almost always loses the deal in wireless tower-siting. Trust me, I've been doing this for over 10 years.

        Cell sites typically pay monthly rent for a period of 30-50 years, in 5 years terms. It would also be the one tenant you never have to call and remind them to remit payment.

        A great resource that allows you to locate where the closest antenna sites are is AntennaSearch - Search for Cell Towers, Cell Reception, Hidden Antennas and more.. The data isn't perfect, and occasionally is out of date, but it's much easier than driving the area to look for towers and rooftop antennas. If you mark the locations on a map, and your property sits near the center of a triangle (with sites about 1/2 - 1 mile away), your location could be a great site. Locations in more rural areas along major traffic routes also tend to be higher-profile, and likely to be usable as well.

        Good luck in your new adventure.

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          Bonjour Frere

          I am not from Louisiana, mais je suis francais aussi. I am from Canada so I guess that makes us errr. cousins?

          I am also opening up a facility in Ottawa, Canada. Lots of stuff to do in so little time. Have you guys thought of different product offerings? A free transportation on the move in? I am currently putting a shelving rental business model together, and I can't believe my eyes.

          Bonne journee!


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            Welcome to the forum. And congratulations on your new project. Bob Hayworth from Baja Construction is an expert on boat and r.v. projects. He has some new solar applications that were recently in introduced at our Vegas Expo in February. You might want to give him a call. Good luck!


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              hi from la.

              hi jules, I too have just opened an RV storage facility in new orleans,La. i do not have any self storage only RV and boats. the facility is Toys on Wheels RV Storage. It took one yr to build, lots of hardships, but hopefully it will be full in a year.


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                Hey Jules,

                Im also in Shreveport/Bossier area I run a mini storage in the area. I think I have spoke to your father a time or two If you have any questions feel free to call me and I will help you out as much as possible. Good Luck
                Shreveport, La


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                  Welcome to the group and good luck with your project.
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                    We have a lot of great info for you. Will you be at the Self Storage Trade Show, May 9, in Lafayette?
                    Dan Wolan
                    A-Lert Building Systems

                    [email protected]
                    (248) 961-3112
                    (800) 210-5375


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                      Howdy neighbor I am just across the line don't feel lonely. I like the boat and RV idea. We are big boater but we don't have an RV can't get away from here long enough for that but we do get all and any fishing trips in at all possible. Keep us in touch let me know how it is going?


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                        Welcome! How's business in LA?


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