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    Originally posted by pacnwstorage View Post

    Quick question about that. When you are doing an eviction do you stop accepting or stop posting "any" payment attempt by the tenant and if so, what is affected by that in the small claims court?
    No one has offered to pay!!! Hasn't been an issue. All situations are different. I have a very good working relationship with the court. Basically if they are "delinquent" the judge will issue the eviction order generally vacate in 7 days. I tell the tenant if they vacate by said date and pay before final hearing I will dismiss the case. They also pay court fees. Final Hearings are usually 30-45 days out. The key is having a valid address or place of employment for service. Also if the only income they have is SS not worth filing because the judge can't order them to pay.


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      Ok. I know that I hear sometimes when a facility is trying to evict a tenant, and I would do this here, is not not accept or post any payment attempt. If you do then the process starts all over again. If they are not paying at all then to me that would be a lien process and not an eviction.
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        The eviction process is much quicker. Better results.


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          So, in your state you have no problems doing an eviction instead of doing a lien process?
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            Originally posted by Grizz View Post
            NRS 118A.450  Abandonment of dwelling unit by tenant: Remedies; presumption.

            The key word is "dwelling", do you rent apts or storage units?
            I said: "We have been doing our homework, and there is nothing in the NRS about this pertaining to storage. The only thing I can find is this:

            " NRS 118A.450...."

            So, I know that this paragraph is for dwellings. There is absolutely nothing in the NRS about this issue pertaining to storage, so I am unsure why we would need to go through the courts as he insisted. If we have stated in our letter very clearly that the stuff is considered abandoned and will be disposed of, I am unsure why he so vehemently pushed that we need to go through the court. This is not a dwelling, it is a storage unit.

            Perhaps I wasn't clear in my post about this. It does happen when I type too fast.
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